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Launching a series of films (the franchise), its creators can not predict its further destiny is 100%. It did not like the movie audience and will pay for itself at the box office, while the franchise "will be on the shelf" and the actors involved in it shall be exempt from further participation in the film series (of course, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed in the contract). Through the project "unfreezes" and restarted with another director and cast. It happens so that negative feedback is not the whole movie as a whole, and some of the actors involved in it. Then replace the directors and producers lazhatelya to another actor, while retaining the character. Finally, it may happen that the role of the artist in the franchise ill, or God forbid, died, or whether the actress was pregnant and can not be removed in the continuation ...

In general, the reasons for the replacement of one actor to another can be a lot. Naturally, some of the fans of the franchise may have a replacement do not like, but I still did not seem to have heard about the series of films that fail miserably due to the replacement of one artist to another. In general, look, what the characters in the same franchise performed various actors

Hulk / The Incredible Hulk. Green thug in the movie in 2003 played Eric Bana, and restart the same pattern of 2009 - Edward Norton. The first film with a rather decent for the 2003 budget showed a modest box office, and decided not to shoot a sequel. Four years later, Universal has decided to revive the Hulk, but the main role is not called Banu, who by that time was busy with other projects, and charismatic Norton. By the way, new "Hulk" again not justified the hopes of cash Universal, so again, not a sequel planned

Terminator. Rise of the Machines / Terminator. Salvation. The third part of the Terminator franchise was not candy in general, but most of all the negative reviews get to play Nick's steel artist as an adult John Connor. Therefore, in 2009, when they began to shoot the "savior" for the role of Connor invited more talented Christian Bale. His audience liked the game

In "Terminator 4" have replaced the role of the beloved singer and Connor, Kate. In the third part of its bad (compared to the rest of the game actors) played Claire Danes, and in continuation of the franchise, this role was already at Bryce Dallas Howard. However, many Danes have not lost - the character Kate appears in the "T4" no more than five minutes

Bryce Dallas Howard "stole" role in the other franchise, "Twilight." In the first two films of the evil, but megaseksualnuyu vampire Victoria Rachelle Lefevre plays, but before shooting the third part of its "ask" of the saga, giving the role of Victoria Bryce Dallas Howard. Evil tongues asserted that there could not have done without the intervention of his father Bryce, the famous director Ron Howard

In the franchise, "Spider-Man" role of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, from 2002 to 2007 played Tobey Maguire. He reprized the role in three films, and when his contract expired, refused to participate in the continuation (though the franchise would continue to successfully hack dibs on the comic book fans), arguing that already given all he could to this image. Falling banner Spiderman in 2012 picked up Andrew Garfield, who starred in the restart of the PE Series - "The new Spider-Man»

In the sequel "Iron Man" role of the main associate of Tony Stark, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes aka War Machine, played by Don Cheadle, although in the first part of the franchise the role played Terrence Howard. I remember that in the discussion on kinopoisk not yet released ZHCH-2 broke zealous thread on the topic at Cheadle replacing Howard, who stretched out a couple dozen pages. Someone very reasonable otkommentil then this theme: "One dark-skinned guy who plays a secondary role, replaced by another black guy - surely this can seriously affect the relationship to the film?»

Long-playing saga of Harry Potter is remarkable constancy in terms of the cast - all the actors wandered from one part to another franchise. Only the original performer of Headmaster Dumbledore Richard Harris did not live until the end of the series - he died in October 2002 at the age of 72 years. Beginning with the third part of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," Dumbledore role played by Michael Gambon

Jodie Foster brilliantly performed the role of an FBI agent Clarice Starling in the cult thriller "The Silence of the Lambs," filmed back in 1991. Ten years later, businessmen from Universal Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer decided to shoot a sequel to the brilliant killer Hannibal Lecter. To persuade Anthony Hopkins to go back to Lecter character they had, but Jodie Foster is no longer interested in the role of Clarissa. But it gladly accepted Julianne Moore


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