The calligraphy on the beach

There is nothing more fragile than sand and nothing more short-lived than the inscription on it. Nevertheless, painter and calligrapher Andrew van der Merwe from Cape town (South Africa) chose him to leave his mysterious writings and drawings. Surrounding what makes Andrew, called "beach calligraphy", and he is the "ancient message from the ocean".

In addition, Andrew is an avid surfer, and spends a lot of time on the beach. So he decided that this is a very broad scope for action, and began to write with a stick in the sand. At first he was just a sloppy Doodle, and drawing on the beach did not bring him any satisfaction. But we must pay tribute to the perseverance of Andrew: he constantly invented and picked up a variety of accessories for writing on sand, which would give the desired effect. Along the way he perfected, and the skill of the calligrapher. He spent seven long years. But during this time his writings and drawings have reached such a high level that Andrew drew the attention of the press and tourists. And their attention, as it is known, must still be earned, but Andrew got it.

By the nature of its activities van der Merwe familiar with the writing of many ancient civilizations. But of particular interest to him cause of African colonial and pre-colonial writing system. Andrew is using them in his drawings, along with modern Tuareg tifinagh letter.

Therefore, the drawings of Andrew is so similar to the writings of the ancients, which some mistakenly take them. As if this ancient message to us, contemporary people, warning about something. But the secret is that the drawings do not bear any semantic load, i.e. they are not text. The author classifies them asemieskatu email, ie to such, which is created without words. It can be called only with drawings, stylized letters. Such writings can be deciphered only with the help of intuition. But, nevertheless, according to Andrew, these letters without a single word full of inner logic, dynamism and poetry.

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