Patterns of Nature: The Mysterious Planet Earth

Here is another edition of the series "Patterns of Nature", which you will find a variety of textures, created by nature - landscapes, seen from a bird's flight, or single-celled organisms, increased a hundred times ...

The boundaries of the four countries - Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and the UAE - a vague spot a rising sands of the desert Rub 'al Khali. (George Steinmetz)

Salt formations along the shores of Lake Retba in Senegal. Because the water in the lake is very salty, local residents earn their living from extraction of salt. (Robert Haas)

Biplane over the island of Monomakh, Massachusetts. (Michael Melford)

The leaves are dried palm smooth lines around the tree in Kenya. (Robert Haas)

Dwellings in caves dotted with rock formations in Cappadocia, Turkey. (Klaus Nigge)


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