Why women marry?

It would seem a strange question. But if you do not read my first article, you know that I like to dig deeper than what lies on the surface.

Here we will look at common women's motives of marriage, and you will know in which direction to move, either to marry, or to improve existing relationships. Also think about the difference between “to be married” and “being married”, which has a non-obvious source of many ills in the relationship. And answer an interesting question by my readers:


question the answer to which would be interesting to read You blog. At this point it is relevant to many of my friends.

Why do men get married? And how to do so, so he asked his hand and heart? How to push to take this step?

The idea of femininity, the ability to obey and the ability to enjoy the process, providing men the opportunity to achieve results and to make decisions are like a red thread in Your blog. But what about the girls who at 5 years of living with guys, and eventually breaking up staying at "the broken" (in their opinion) nothing?

I have a number of examples where girls almost an ultimatum put to them the proposal is made (Or get married, or disagree — this can't continue.)

But in this case no question of femininity can not go. I would not want such a scenario for myself on this I would like to understand how to behave, so by the time I wanted to get married and understand that this is the type of person I see myself next in the future, I did not have the same tantrums and desires to "command" process like my friends?

I would be grateful if this topic will interest You in the near future I will be able to read Your vision-the answer.


Everything is in order.

So: Why do women want to get married

All or “it is time”

Classic. Customize or parents, or the environment or the girl herself decided that it would be at this age unmarried. Friend Vaughn povyskakivali, children ponarozhali. And she is one. Ay-ay-ay...

A woman puts a simple goal to get married. And makes steps in this direction.

Someone goal is achieved, and someone does not understand what is wrong. It seems to be doing everything as already married classmate the Tanka, but no luck. A friend went to a leadership training (my words — training for the men) and set a goal to get married within two months. The goal was achieved. Applause. ...but a year later divorced.

Avoidance of loneliness

A woman bored, lonely, unloved work, lack of hobby. She sees this as output: to meet the right man and get married. It seems that after marriage, the shades of life will change dramatically in color. Life will gain meaning.

As one girl put me in a cold sweat, saying: “I had a prolonged depression, the work did not go well, nothing like. Friend advised me to find a man to marry, to have children. To escape from the bad...”

Do I need to explain the tragedy of this thinking? But many are for similar reasons.

For the calculation

A friend of a friend got married and flew to USA. Looking at her husband, it is difficult to understand what she saw in him. And love there is no smell. The motive is simple: a marriage of convenience. My husband's father is a multimillionaire dollar.

Think this is bad? I would not jump to conclusions. Previously wrote about the statistics of arranged marriages. They are more long-lived than marriage for love. Why? Because the woman looks at the relationship initially, sober, and able to “adapt” under the man in turn receiving a desired from such a marriage.

Call Lee to get married on the calculation? No.

Women's realization

Those women who do not agree with the written below, you should not spend the time in order for me to prove anything, just pass by. So you have another way, and I'm not against it.

The only way a woman can be truly implemented, it is only for a man (married). While marriage is not the goal! It is a process.

How to distinguish the goal from the process? In the first two cases, the woman wants to achieve the goal (to score). Married to:

1) to be like

2) to get rid of loneliness

3) to get married with benefits

Only in this case (true) the woman belongs to marriage as a process, which is right now, regardless of whether she is married or not. [Reply To Anne]

And if after three years of relationship the woman suddenly wondered why the man does not offer her marriage, or it is time to get married, it all says one thing — she sees marriage as a goal, but not as a process, path, feminine destiny.

What's the difference?

Not discover America if I say that our symptoms are the result of what is inside. And female behavior towards men. A woman who realizes that her destiny to be a man (married) or a woman who has a goal to get married.

Do you understand that these are two different women at the behavior, energy, attitude of men towards her and her attitude to men? The result is that later, tomorrow, never. The process is here and now.

A woman can not marry? So too fixated on the result, losing the process, the enjoyment, the life, the buzz from his weakness (from nature).

The woman was married, and marriage was not as colorful, so it was an interesting result and not the process. If you start to go into the process (femininity), marriage will be different (perhaps even better than in American movies).


Women marry for different reasons (it's time, lonely, on the calculation), with the goal (the result).

True, natural, natural (call it what you want) to treat the marriage as women's vocation, way of life, process.

The husband is a way of life for women, not abroad. And then magically getting everything in its place. Happy woman + a successful man = Love.

Girls, work on yourself and enjoy life! published

Author: Yaroslav Samoylov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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