Strange children's books (45 photos)

What motivates the authors of these books, I do not understand. Why write a book about shit when there is a lot of great heroes, such as the Chuck and Huck or Dunno?

Japanese book "All the cocoa" in 1977 for children from 4 years

"Different animals are different shit. Different shapes, different colors and different smell ».

"Some cocoa with indifference, and some cocoa and clean up after themselves».

"Cocoa and cocoa everywhere in one place».

"Living creatures eat and why ... all of cocoa, is not it?»
It's just a book about poop, very popular in Japan. Japanese - are not the only one who pays special attention to the issue of dressing. Europeans, for example, not sidestep this important moment in the life of man.

"Mole, who wanted to know who nakakat on his head," Werner Holvart

"One morning the mole poked his head out of the ground to see the sun came out there already. Suddenly cluchilos it. " Then the plot mole checks waste product, which rests on his head, with the faeces of different animals. And all this, of course, colorful illustrations. This book is difficult to read a child without feeling embarrassment. Yet it is the children's bestseller!

"Little Book of the poop," Pernilla Stalfelt

Swedish writer, unlike other authors came to the question of "poop" very thoroughly. Reading this book guarantees a child expert status in the "potted" cases.

"Great wee-book," Freer Loe, 2007

Another physiological topic child can open in the Dutch book with bright pictures. Here and all understandable without translation.

Walking Pipa Pan Stanislav Hawley, 1978

Besides the title, the book is no longer any letters, because it was painted by Czech artist Stanislav Holi for the little ones. Colorful illustrations - solid psychedelic, but the children of them crazy. The book has gone through three reprinting.

"Once there was an old woman," Anya Sinyakova 2006

It is not known what inspired Anya Sinyakova on the tale of Four-old woman and her cow, but kids love these incredible stories.

"As the king went to the girl," Savely NIZOVSKIY

The book tells the children how easy and simple the Head of State may resign and "go to the girls».

"Spoon and panties," the magazine "Hedgehog" 1928

This letter 86 years, and it is likely that children from Uzbekistan question of spoons and panties at the beginning of the last century was very relevant.

Russian writers perfectly adapted to the child psychology most unexpected stories:

The dramatic denouement.

A long road has been at the fees.

On Wednesday night in the winter at all strange things are happening.

"How can I send a hedgehog in paradise" - a manual for children.

What words! What a thought!

Voodoo Magic for Beginners.

Any adult will tell you that a mushroom uskachet not at all desire.

By the way, the special role played by designers of children's books

Sometimes fantasy writers played so that the books are not what would be strange, but quite some abnormal. These are definitely not buy your child, and he did not ask.

ABC of the new thinking, LV Nekrasov

The author seems absolutely do not mind that the meaning of the poems is lost somewhere in the second word. A stronger epileptic images only reinforce the impact of this book on a small brain.

"Mom, where are the servers in the houses?", Tom O'Connor, 2007

The book was released by Microsoft in the framework of the campaign Stay at Home Servers. Publishers argue that it is "the story that you will reread again and again." It is doubtful that we will read it at least once.

And finally - the forbidden American books:

"Why is my mother moaning?»

"Mommy drinks because you are bad».

"Run away from home. Parents will be grateful ».

"An awkward morning much better lonely night».

"My first rave."


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