Stories of people who have visited "the other world" (8 photos)

Have you ever asked the question, what happens to us after death? There is a heaven, Valhalla, is there reincarnation, or we simply sgniёm in the ground? We invite you to read the stories of the lucky few who have visited the banks of the River Styx and managed to evade death. Perhaps death is not so terrible as we imagine it?

July 4 last year, I was almost dead. He departed from his motorcycle head first: pneumothorax occurred as clavicular bone broke through the upper part of the lung. There, on the side of the road and I lay dying.

At this time, I felt as if falling into some dark pool. Everything around me was black, and the world, our real world, is rapidly decreasing. It felt as if I fell into the abyss. Somewhere in the distance could be heard the sounds. Strange, but my heart was calm: the pain was gone, and the world just floated past.

Before my eyes appeared a different scene from my past and images of people close to me, friends, family. Then I woke up ... I thought that in this state, I spent a few hours, but actually took something just a couple of minutes. You know, this experience taught me to appreciate the present.

It's hard to describe what is really going on: there is no excitement or the struggle for life. You just do not understand what is happening. You feel like something is wrong, but what exactly - do not understand. All some unnatural, illusory.

The moment comes to life, like the fact that this morning in his sleep it seems that you woke up, brushed his teeth, tucked in bed and had drunk a cup of coffee, when suddenly wake up and really wonder why you're still in bed? After all, a moment ago you drank some coffee, and now, it turns out, stay in bed ... It is difficult to understand the real world, if you woke up this time.

About 2 years ago I died ... and was dead 8 minutes. Everything happened because of a heroin overdose. Yes, it was a clinical death. Whatever it was, it was terrible, and a pleasant feeling at the same time. I like was all the same - calm and indifference to everything.

My heart was beating very fast, the whole body was covered with sweat, it was like in slow motion. The last thing I remember before losing consciousness - is the cry Man of emergency: "We're losing him." After that, the last time I sighed and hung up.

I woke up in the hospital a few hours later, his head was spinning much. I could not think clearly and walk, before the eyes of all swam. It was not until the next day. Overall, the experience was not that terrible, but survive it, I would not wish anyone. And, by the way, I do not use heroin.

This is similar to the feeling when you are slowly sinking into sleep. All in a very bright and highly saturated colors. It seems as if the dream lasts for hours, but when I woke up, took only 3 minutes.

What was this "a dream" I do not remember, but I felt boundless calm, and my heart was even happy. When I woke up for a few seconds I felt like I was in the midst of the crowd singing ', although the room was empty.

After the beginning of the back sight. It happened gradually, you know, as in old TV sets: first the darkness around, snows, and then everything becomes a little clearer and brighter. The body from the neck down was paralyzed, and suddenly I started to feel like gradually began to return to my ability to move, first hand, then his feet, and then the whole body.

It was easy to navigate in space. It was hard to remember what happened to me. I could not figure out who all these people around me at the time, who I did this? After 5 minutes, everything was back to normal. There was only a terrible headache.

My younger brother is sick with type 1 diabetes. When he was only 10, the night he suffered a hypoglycemic shock. I remember waking up from that 6 doctors run up the stairs, and then there was a cry: "He stopped breathing. No pulse! "They loaded him into the ambulance and in the hospital told my parents what a miracle that they were able to resuscitate him more on the way.

At the hospital, I asked the brother what he felt when he was "there." And that's what he told me: "The sound as though began to increase, getting louder and louder, when suddenly, he suddenly verse and carried me like how on water pipes of our water park. Only there was no one. And we go to the water park when I get better? »

Feeling as if you plunge into a deep sleep (in fact it is so), and when you wake up, my head full of confusion. You do not know what actually happened and why there are so worried about your condition. I was inexplicably afraid, if that state has deprived me of all courage. I kept asking, "What time is it?" And again lost consciousness. I do not remember anything but the unbearable feelings of fatigue, and the desire to sleep as soon as possible to the nightmare finally ended.

As if falling asleep. You can not even understand at what point did you lose consciousness. Please see nothing but darkness, and it evokes a sense of fear and full of suspense. And when you wake up, if you still wake up, then head as if in a fog.

All I feel is like falling into the abyss. Then I woke up and saw around a hospital bed, doctors, my mother and a close friend. It seemed to me that I just slept. Monstrously uncomfortable sleeping.


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