Dmitry Basy. If I was in the theater for the money, I would have not been in the theater.

< Anatoly Golubovskii

-By Theatrical tradition five years you went to the theater as a "free viewer." Please tell us how to be able to five years on the other side of the scene. Interest in the game was the original, or it arose in the process?
-Interes The theater was as far as - no more than the average citizen. In "Black Square" was playing my friend - Natalia Stepanenko. And somehow we phoned her, and she invited me to the theater. These were the "Tales of tired cities." Staging struck me. Because anything like this before, I have not seen - this live, real, sincere. And I began to go to the Cheka. I went to have fun, to fill the void occurring. Performances while there was little they passed on an experimental stage on the boulevard Shevchenko. There has never been present chamber stage or the Great Hall of the House of Artists.
Played mostly improvisation. And that's just fundamentally changed my perception of the theater. After all, rafts, pure improvisation - this is the format when almost no boundaries between audience and actor, when the feeling that you yourself you participate in this ... I have never seen anywhere else. Or exams, which may be present audience.

Poznakomilsya with Anatoly Neyelov. And in the fifth year he somehow incidentally tells me: "Dima, and do thou." I must say, I have in mind this was not. The answer is: "Anatoly, but why should I? I'm a grown man held. I have a job. Yes and no time to practice. " But - we do not always know their capabilities. After all, if you really want to do that, you will always find the time. A Neelov continued: "You do not nobody's place will occupy. Reported. In life, it is useful to you. Exercise-month druoy not like it - leave ».
And Natasha in unison Neelov also persuades. And the exam the next day after a friend's wedding. Appears in a little "tired" condition, hoarse and coughing and, nevertheless, I hand over the exam. And act. Although at that time was quite far from the thoughts play on stage. It was from the category of fiction.
 - I mean, you did not dream theater.
Well, what to say. For example, a child-youth watching a movie - "The Three Musketeers" it or "Dirk" and think: "But if there was a sequel, I would finish the way here." About the same level - a fantasy, but no more.
-And What he did before coming to the theater?
-Yes Than just was not engaged.
-And Yet.
-Was Zavskladom. With creativity little in common.
-Now Information Site Cheka you involved in 25 productions
-Actually, Then 45. At the moment it 7-8 performances per month
-Themes More. Something other than the theater, there is time?
-Not Much. And it takes time to earn a living. Because, apart from the pleasure of playing in life is something else

Is a shooting in advertising, cinema?
-To Make in this field, it is necessary to dig the nose. Attend auditions, spin-spin. To me it is alien. And for me it is not a trade. I think that if the game was a craft, I would have lost to this interest.
-So - Just kicks
-Tell Me so - if I was in the theater for the money, I would have not been in the theater.
-Don't Protest. Neelov, perhaps, at each entrance exam says that if you come here for the money, you got the wrong address
-Yes I Am. After all, people who have become stars and who earn serious money - units. But have done, you know. Again, it is quite hard way.
-All The same. In the movie does not aspire to, because you have to "dig" or uninteresting, not satisfied with the level?
 - Cinema I wonder, but as an experiment. I tried - was shot in the series, once - in a big movie, "The White Guard". However, it can not see me)). But feel and see, how to shoot a really great movie turned out. With a colossal budget, steep shots. So now, if you are invited to the series, I pick. If it is low-paid part - I do not agree. If conditions are right - look, if it does not overlap in time with the theatrical productions. If you are satisfied - then, yes. But not chasing this work, I do not earn a living.
Well, I would not say that it priverednichane. This is normal - to know his own worth.
-Yes I Am. But, unfortunately, goes to the casting weight girls and boys, is preparing to shoot for a song. And they undermine the market. And when I asked "why so few" responsible "such fees," I feel it is not clear - why should I spend a day of my life for 300-400 hryvnia.
-Kurilko, Bob Golovanov, Danyluk, Pauline Golovanov. They are, in addition to theatrical activity - leading to the radio. I would not like to try myself in this role?
-No. I have a speech impediment, I am well aware of this and do not try to get on the radio.
-At About defect - a moot point. If you listen to some of the leading ...
-It's Their business. And I, at least in front of him, I'll be honest. Not mine. That's when you listen to Vasya Golovanov with his clear, modulated voice, a great storyteller Lesha Kurilko, then you know - yes, that's their business. And my - another.

-By The way, about Kurilko. Last year, the statement on the birthday Neelova Klyatskin admitted sincere envy Alexei. Say, actor, writer and director - all with him. You got it there?
-We Are gathered to talk about the work Kurilko?
-No. Just came up in conversation.
-I Get It. In general, it is a good question. Because when a person says that he does not envy, it prevaricate. All envy. It is in human nature. Yes, I would like such popularity as it has. But I know very well the forces. And I have my audience. Already have. Therefore, I was not inconvenienced. Envy is particularly noticeable when a person something limited. And then instead of creativity begin to someone showering. That is to discuss the smoking room or Neelova, someone else ... I govoyu: "Yes, it is. But the same holds Neelov created and this theater. With a very difficult contingent. Go and do the same thing "or write a book. Well, all the people are discussing each other.
-In The actor's environment, it is perhaps inevitable
-Yes I Am. But I do not have this urgent need. I just do not have time. There is a plan for a month. For the season. I plan to make two new plays in the season. The year before last season turned out. In the past - no. In this I want to again reach the level of "two».
-Be Wait.
When you come to hold classes on the course Kostrova, all very much. Misha - a cool coach and he many, including me, a healthy brain corrected, although I older than him. But when was teaching you, Thank Nikonorov, it added some new faces in the training. And what is your attitude to this process?
-I Liked to teach. Lena and Misha (campfire) often invited me, but then the rehearsal, the play ... I want to transfer. Teaching I can not name. I just filled bumps - and here it is, the desire to share.
-that Is, to share their cones? And if you take your group? Klyatskin, bonfires, Basy.
-Pozhaluy, I have is not enough time. And Luggage probably have not scored. It is necessary to build the structure, organize exercises. Actually, I give those exercises that I myself taught in the Cheka. In general, not ripe yet.
-What Genres prefer?
 - I do not take a pure improvisation to play, and I do not particularly rvus. Played fourteen times, but still scary. I'm afraid of "pure". My brain works differently. I need to digest at first, to understand, and then later issue. I can not think as fast as Kulilko, Golovanov, Danyluk ... Not my genre ...
Well, there are rafts mafia. On one of the rafts winter you all killed finding pants and trying to make friends with them.
Yes, rafts and mafia - this is my.

 - What are you afraid -This? So that before the game. For example, I wildly afraid of helplessness associated with the disease.
-Poteryat Meaning of life. Until the son was born, I could not tell what is the point. Born - understood. And now - there are already grown up, chatting something nearby. Remember, as in that joke, "Daddy, what you dreamed? - Yes I Am. - And what happened to your dream? - Sitting side by side, asking questions. " So, if, God forbid, to him that something would happen - that's the worst. When I was out of the hospital came to the performances, too, of course, was afraid - and suddenly I can not get out? But this - imagine such fears.

-Up Theater something serious "sick»?
-Up To an extent, to the shivering - no
-that Is, without a hobby?
No, why. Was a sport - in school, college. The same theater in school. But that so ...
-Up To fanaticism?
-Fanatizm - Not a word. I still even in the work of pragmatic enough and sane.
-Navernoe At each entrance exam Neelov reiterates that talent with regard to the profession of an actor - a fantasy. There's still a parable with a bear there. That is, his position - no clamps and work, work, work. Your attitude to this issue?
-I Do not know how sincere Neelov this evaluation. He is, among other things, is able to see the person. I, for example, saw. And many more. We are, in principle, all the time in the life of someone playing. But the talent to play on stage, probably should be.
-Don't Was thought to enter politics? External data is, know how to speak intelligibly.
-Bozhe Forbid. Friends and acquaintances in the structures and organs - it is good and helpful. But most - no.
-And That - a lot of friends?
-Priyateley - A lot. And friends - you know. I do not remember where I read: "It turns out that the enemies are always in front of us, and relatives and friends - behind. After all enemies have to see. But sometimes it should look back and look closely at those behind ».
-The Creepy-funny story of theatrical life. At your choice.
Well, you can sit down to write a book.
-By The way, did not think?
-Ranovato. Another podsoberu
-So After all. Case

How did something I have appointed two performances in one evening. One - in the House of Artists, the other - in the Chamber Hall. In my house at the beginning of the episode and the episode at the end. "Doomed to happiness." And in the Chamber - "Invitation to the dawn." Defining the initial episode in the House, I'm going. Kurilko upset and afraid that will not have time for a final monologue. And it besides, no one had warned in advance. Neelov take responsibility for themselves - "I supervise." And the performances begin and end almost at the same time. And the final scene in the Chamber. Scene hard, play mentally unhealthy person, complicated tragic role, the audience weep. I am all in white. And in the final scene in the Great Hall - another suit. Has been prepared. Neelov gives the command: "to finish the game - and quickly in a house" - "And the dress?" - "No need." And as soon as the Chamber begins to fade light Neelov grabs my hand and drags. I run out into the street as he was, all in white, people turn around, not before, anticipating the service entrance, runs by entering the scene and hear his words says the actor, whose text after me. That is, my monologue already missed. Runs into the dressing room. Dressing room - the scene. I take off - and I feel that I can not speak. Breath shot down. Well, how could you exhale, uttered his words. And everybody liked. Said that so impressed how I live my role ... And so it went into the history of the theater, as the first actor, who played in two performances.
-At About episodes and small roles. How do you treat them? Does not infringe the ego?
-They I like. I believe that we can be striking and memorable in a small role.
-Dima, I wish that the two (the play).
Thank you, I will try. See you at the shows.


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