The 20 incredible phenomena of nature must once in your life to see everyone!

If you love nature, you probably noticed how often her creations look like works of art, from which it is impossible to look away. From some phenomena breath and hard to believe that something like that could actually exist. In this collection you waiting for just such incredible moments in the life of our planet. Beauty, what else to say ...

When you look at these pictures, it seems that they are drawn using computer editors or somehow mounted. It's hard to believe in the reality of these unusual pictures. These tricks of mother nature are intended to excite and inspire anyone who looks at them.

1. Burning ash from volcano emissions

Photo: Mrietze

2. "Magic circle" in Namibia

Photo: Wired

3. Lenticular clouds

Photo: Flickr

4. Catatumbo Lightning

Photos: Terra-Z

5. Red crabs of Christmas Island

Photo: Pinterest

6. Great Blue Hole

Photo: Imgur

7. Clouds asperatus

Photo: Animalworld

8. Tanzanian Lake Natron

Photo: Imgur

9. "The gates of hell" in Turkmenistan (burning cavity of a large accumulation of natural gas)

Photo: Imgur

10. Spherical boulders New Zealand

Photo: Warnet

11. Flammable methane bubbles trapped in the ice

Photo: 500px

12. Ice crystals resembling flowers

Photo: Jeffrey-Bowman

13. Self-moving stones Death Valley

Photo: Stuckincustoms

14. Underwater circles created puffer fish

Photo: Pinterest

15. Migrating monarch butterflies

Photo: CK-Make-Art

16. Flowering Atacama Desert

Photo: Zouzouke

17. Vymeobraznye clouds


18. Bioluminescent waves on the beaches of the Maldives

Photo: Divephotoguide

19. Rainbow Eucalyptus

Photo: Flickr

20. Progress sardines

Photo: 48tu

I would like to see all these incredible events at least once. I enter some of them for the purpose of trips in the next couple of years. Share with your friends these beautiful shots!

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