He pulled out of the water and 20 people miraculously survived. Hero history worthy of admiration!

Every day we hear a lot of stories about heroes who saved someone's life. This brave can deservedly erect monuments all over the world, because they are not afraid to risk their own lives for the sake of others. Unfortunately, in the world there are those who try to show off in front of others, attributing other people's achievements. It remains to say is so worthless liars who are trying to become famous by the real heroes! But today is not about them ...

I will tell you the story of the hero of our time Shavarsh Karapetyan - a great man, a brave man who saved the lives of twenty people. It is about such people should make films, write books, talk on the lessons at school. Now you will understand why.

Shavarsh Karapetyan - Soviet athlete, 17-time world champion in diving, 11-time world champion, honored master of sports of the USSR. But if you think that today we will focus on the legendary sports achievements of this man, something very wrong. That is the fate of a man: Karapetyan fell three times in their lives to save people from death. «I did not - it turned out to be the case there!» i> - Now Shavarsh joked in an interview. We tell you about a story that happened 39 years ago.

September 16, 1976 together with his brother Shavarsh Kamo went for a jog near Yerevan Lake in preparation for the next competition. Here in front of the brothers, the impossible happened: on the road, lost control, flew crowded trolley and fell into the water. The vehicles are dozens of passengers.

The reaction was immediate brothers: to think simply was not time. They are well aware that at their disposal a maximum of 15 minutes should be noted that the depth of the pond appeared unthinkable even for trained human swimmer - under ten meters! Difficulties added another that sank trolley far from the shore, and the water at depth, as you know, not just a cold - ice ...

This all would stop the average person, but not a hero! Karapetyan dove into the water, feet kicked the rear window and pulled the first victim, handing her brother. Incidentally, when the victims were taken to the hospital, doctors were convinced that being well-coordinated work of experienced lifeguards. Athlete continued immersion in water, pulling out one by drowning people. At this time, the hero and the most urgently needed first aid: all it was bleeding from numerous cuts shards of broken glass.

«I knew that, in spite of all my training, I would last only for a certain number of dives. There, at the bottom of the visibility was zero, so I snapped a human touch in his arms and swam with him upstairs. One time I surfaced and saw in my hand ... leather cushion of the seat. I looked at her and realized that the price of my mistakes - someone's life ... This pillow later than once I dreamed at night ». I>

So an athlete saved twenty (!) People, taking them from sinking to the surface trolley ... After 45 long days that doctors were fighting for the life of the Karapetyan, who picked up the bilateral pneumonia in the icy water, complicated blood poisoning. Ironically, the water that has been previously favorite poems athlete after evoked only disgust and looked like a weird day. Soon, however, the hero came in the form and set a new record - the last. Light, which formed adhesions after inflammation, did not allow more than on a deep breath and stay underwater for a long time.

And let everyone take a deep breath now gives a man with difficulty, he knows exactly -What he did was not in vain. Furthermore, Karapetyan sincerely hopes that his son will be able to once beat his record, and most importantly - will grow a real man. With the father of the guy simply does not have a chance to give back!

That's how come the real heroes of our time. The history of this man deserves to be told of her children at night before bed and put on the pages of textbooks. Unfortunately, the media often offer us admire psevdogeroyami, actions that are not worth a damn. Therefore, we must make every effort to keep to the feat Shavarsh Karapetyan to know more people. Do not be lazy, tell us about the desperate Braves all friends - we need to know in the face of their heroes!

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