7 important lessons that life brings older brothers and sisters. Invaluable experience!

If you have an older brother or sister, you yourself do not know firsthand what impact they have had on the formation of your personality. Being the first-born - a kind of test of endurance. This invaluable experience helps to develop a hell of patience and teaches us humility. And this is ultimately preparing us for adult life, which, as it turns out, is much more complex than family squabble over whether people today would go cruising father. What would we do without our younger brothers and sisters as they without us? It is 7 important lessons that life presents to all the older brothers and sisters. Painfully familiar! Thank you for everything!

1. Life is not always fair, nevertheless you should humbly accept it strikes. B>
Even if your little brother or sister first started fighting, the parents are not unconcerned. Believe me, if polezesh a fight, you're guilty of stay ... Before you have a choice: to accept or to fend for themselves. Whatever you chose, you are in any case take forth from this important lesson: although life sometimes is not fair, it is still worth it to fight, fall, get up and move on.

2. Do not be afraid to make commitments. We should always be the first to rush to the aid of those who need it. B>
You, and only you - the person to whom parents trusted and left to the care of a younger brother or sister. That you took the blame when the little scion accidentally broke a vase. You convince the parents that you absolutely need to have a puppy. These incredible leadership skills to help you and in adult life.

3. My parents taught you that confidence should not just receive, but also deserve. B>
First you argue with their parents about what you're no longer a child and go home after 23:00 - it's okay, and then they kiss you on the cheek and asked to notify them that you're back home safe and sound, because, Anyway, we are not that adults, and life is full of dangers. Your younger brothers and sisters this may seem unfair, but you know that the way to mutual trust and understanding is not easy.

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4. How to be a man who can be trusted with the most intimate secrets. B>
It happened that the kids asked you not to tell their parents about what they have done or passed to you for advice. Then you realize that you need to trust not only deserve, but also to maintain.

5. Fighting for clothing or for who will now drive the car to teach you that you should not quarrel over trifles. B>
You do not even remember how many times you had to deceive the younger brother about food eaten or stolen clothing. But time has passed and you are confronted with the reality, I realized that all these material things - is nonsense and did not have any significance.

6. When our younger brother and sister turned to us for advice, we realized that we can much more than we thought. B>
We were the first in the childhood tried to imagine the role of parent. For our brother and sisters, we are the first teachers of their lives.

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7. Eventually, we learned that our house is where our family. B>
Years passed, vivid memories accumulated. The bright moments of a childhood spent in the family circle, have not disappeared ... They will forever remain in your mind and in your heart. Your younger brother and sisters will always be with you physically or even mentally close.

As a child, you probably often was ready to kill the little prankster. Whatever it was, now you know that having a brother or sister - a real blessing. Wherever you are, you always know that you - not one. With you there is always going to be people that are close not only in blood but also in spirit. Tell us about these revelations older children, your friends.



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