9 the wise rules of life that will free you from the habit of worry

Life is a wise teacher, which is very expensive for their lessons. Not to be witty said, and confirmed by experience.

In school life it is impossible not to take a lesson. If the lesson we need to learn, life time after time will return to the situation, you have to learn until then, until a person fully grasp this life lesson. So the person who has had many difficult life lessons we call wise, experienced man. It would be good to listen to the people not to repeat the mistakes of others.

But it does not happen. While own bumps on my forehead won't fill, the lesson is not deemed to be delivered.

In life we can experience two States:we either grow and develop or degraded. And each handed a life lesson sent to us for growth and development. And not have to complain about the villain's fate. To complain about the trials that we receive.

The man is very automatic being. We tend always to act proven methods, based on past experience, are stereotypical and cliche.

And it may even be that this state of Affairs does not suit us, but so familiar and tested. And everything new frightens and repels. And that means we get stuck in the comfort zone and degraded.

And if suddenly there is something, which was unexpected (divorce, loss of loved ones, job loss, etc.), we fall out of the usual way of life, become insolvent and unable to overcome these life lessons. Some difficulties break other builds and forced to reconsider his past life and start working on yourself.

Life has its own laws and from the fact that we are not ready for them, they don't stop working.

And here are some of them.

1. Life is a series of lessons

Stop resisting what is happening. The force of action is equal and opposite reaction. The longer you are going to criticize, accuse, resist what is happening in your life, the more you nullify their power, and hence reduce life to nothing. Remember now your most difficult situations. Surely, it was very difficult, but you present the result of these experiences. You today is the result of yesterday's experience. And if you don't like something in your current situation, then it is because the lesson delivered is not correct. So ahead of you waiting for the replay of such a situation. You don't want? Then change voluntarily.

2. The Universe has no favorites



Did it seem sometimes that someone is more lucky that he was born under a happy star or he is kissed by the Lord? Forget about it. Karma or destiny is the result of our past and the reason for the future. You can't even guess which way past the people who seem successful. Each is given such a cross, which is able to withstand his back. The law of the Sower is as follows: to reap the benefits, you first need to work hard. If you still have no luck, then your wish is not yet paid you, you're just not ready yet for success. This is the same that most fame or money and kill the person instead of the growth and development of the it degrades and dies.

3. Life is a mirror of our beliefs

Beliefs is on what is good and what is bad, what works and what doesn't, what is right and wrong. Personality is a set of shells, the center of which is a kernel, or ID.

ID is the innermost human nature, identity. How we feel: "a budding entrepreneur", "the Man dealt with unjustly".

- Hardest to change, but it generates the next identity level beliefs. Such beliefs as "the Internet is garbage" or "the Internet is a working tool, business need money" or "All men — goats".

Any descriptive features of our reality are our beliefs. Beliefs form a new level called abilities.

Our abilities are our skills and something to sell. Can we have something to do or can't, and if you can, how? — here the question of characterizing the level of our abilities. Ability occur according to our beliefs.

The ability to provoke a behavior pattern: an action or inaction. Depending on what abilities you have.

That's the way our reality is formed. An indicator of this reality is the people who surround us. You feel comfortable with people who think and behave in the same way as you. Like always seeks like. If the person disagrees with you or lives on other principles, you inevitably move away from him.Your social circle is the most accurate your projection and the key to unlocking your own "I".

And now to each of these levels we add the prefix "anti-", or minus sign. So we get антиID. Beliefs that have to develop, become antibacteria that lead to degradation. Ability become indisposable. Thus, a person realizes antipoverty and strengthen their own антиID. Whining in this story plays a major role, and it's scary.

The eerie phenomenon, which not only prevents the man upstairs, but to wrap it like a corkscrew, a reality from which every day more and more difficult to get out.

4. Don't get attached to anything

Our leads and bindings just poison our lives and the lives of those to whom we become attached.

Have you noticed the following paradox: the more the woman clings to her man, fusses over him, checks afraid of losing and so dedicates his life to him alone, the more he did not appreciate. And not because he's a villain, and because thus all his energy resisting such dedication. This ceasing on the person deprives him of energy, makes you feel a sense of guilt and sense of duty. But these feelings have nothing to do with love.

Yes, and the woman is also unlikely to experiencing love. She rather likes your feelings with this person, trying to maintain the status quo.

Manic commitment to anything is a child's feeling when the child does not want anyone to share his things, identifies with them and even identificeret.

If you really want something, you need to mentally let go of what you want, to allow energy to flow freely and to bring it most desirable to your reality.


5. Live as your heart


The more you follow the voice of reason, the more you choke the voice of the soul and heart. If you have the opportunity to choose between the voice of reason and the voice of the heart — courage to choose the heart's voice. It miraculously always knows what to do. Live like your heart is not to cater to their emotions and whims. The dictates of the heart means following your core values, your true desires, not imposed by external circumstances.

Make a list of your talents and abilities, as well as a list of favorite cases in which they are expressed. So you will find your unique talents. Use them to serve others. To do this, ask yourself as often as possible:

"How can I be useful (to the world, people that come into contact with)? How can I serve?"


Discover your divinity, find your unique talent and you will be able to create any wealth, that you would like.

Deepak Chopra


For this reason I like the following parable:

In an old Hindu legend tells that there was a time when all men were Gods. But they ignored his Divinity. And Brahma, the Supreme God decided to take away their divine Power and hide it in a place where It could not be found.

However, to find such a place was a big problem. And gathered together all the Brahma the Supreme Deity to solve this problem. And they said, "Hide that Divinity under the Ground!" But Brahma answered: "No, it will not work. People will start to dig and you shall find."

Deities offered another option: "Then throw Her into the very depths of the Ocean!" But again Brahma replied, "No. Sooner or later, man explores the depths of the ocean, finding It will make the surface".

The deities were stalled, they did not know where they could hide the Divinity. And it seemed that there is no place on Land or at Sea, which would be inaccessible to humans.

But then Brahma said: "Here's what we do with Divinity: We will hide It in the depths of man himself, because that's the only place he would ever look".

Since then, the worn man on the Ground to explore it all: since he is looking up and down, dives, and digs in search of things that can only be found within yourself!

6. The more you work, the more you get

Be under no illusions that success comes overnight. Success is 1% talent and 99% perspiration. Flow state a person feels when starting to do things you love and all the complicated, it seems easy and effortless. This is only possible due to the large commitment to what you like, when desires and opportunities come together and it seems that everything is easy. But really the man is doing a great job.

Do not look for easy ways, big goals are harder to miss.

7. Do not divide events into "bad" and "good"

Discard your own rules and the desire to evaluate everything. All events are by definition neutral. When it rains, some see in front of muddy puddles and other reflective stars. Your vector of attention is affecting your reaction to what is happening. If you believe in the opinion that life is evil and all around the wolves, the others will bite and attack. But how else? We reinforce the actions of those things that directed his attention, we pour my energy into them. Only quality watering can be very different.

Let's draw an analogy with the watering flowerbeds: whether to water them with clean water, or sulfuric acid. You know? Both liquid and both a manifestation of attention, only the vector of attention is different.

8. Accept people with all their pluses and minuses

We came into this world to experience a human experience. And other people help us in this task. God has no other hands except the hands of other people, their impact on us, their actions.

Of course, it is sometimes difficult to accept the man who has sunk to the bottom, behaving in an antisocial and destroys all good. But this man we have something to teach. At least that we do not want to be so, understand that there are other values and we don't want to live like this man. Everything is relative. This man right here gives you the opportunity to compare.

Taking people for who they are, we lower your threshold of expectations for them, which leads to a more peaceful life.

A normal state of mind — joy and peace. Unfortunate we do high expectations to his family, his income, his career and still a lot.

A person with excessive expectations it seems that in his unstable inner state is to blame for the environment. From the exorbitant demands are affected and surrounding, and the man himself.

Very often it manifests itself in the relation of wives to husbands — the woman always seems to be that her husband is not good enough, not earn, not able to properly perform her job. However, she forgets that, too, is not perfect. Beloved wife gnaws herself constantly upset by his incompetence. The same we do with children, demanding that they were meticulous and geeks — but they are just children discovering the world through mistakes.

Excessive demands appear to itself: to be the best, to do everything at the highest level — hence the perfectionism. But here's the catch — often we deserve exactly what we get. And our mental balance depends on perception. Either we are too demanding on his life — and therefore unhappy because she does not conform to our inflated expectations, or take it for what it is.

You just need to remember that the husband (wife) and children — real people, they too have their weaknesses, and not all are born to be presidents of the millions of companies.

The first step on the path of struggle with the syndrome of high expectations — his awareness, the understanding that this is a trap of self-deception, which cannot be caught. If all the time to think about what things could be better, it is possible to suffer from it forever, because the limit does not exist.

The most profitable investments generally, investments in yourself.


9. We are dedicated to change the world, and ourselves

Only constant self development makes a person interesting, both to others and himself.

"Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself"

Leo Tolstoy


We are all ready to give advice to others, say, how they behave, what to think, what to do, but few people working on myself. And this is the biggest victory is to overcome his complexes, bad habits and limiting beliefs.

Very often, in order to live, we must change, sometimes this process is accompanied by pain, fear, doubt. We get rid of memories, habits and traditions of the past. The only release from the burden of the past allows us to live and enjoy the present and prepare themselves for the future.


"Be the change you want in your life"

Mahatma Gandhi


Change your thinking on only the positive. Let positive emotions and thoughts prevail in your mind and you will dramatically change your life.

Allow yourself to be who you are, and the events happen themselves. Your task is to dream, to move and to see what wonders life deals you. And if something is not the way you wanted, so it will be even better. Just relax and have fun.


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If things are so bad, spit on the significance and stubborn stream of positive energy!


Eduard Asadov has wonderful lines:

"In one window looked two:
One saw death and fear,
Fire, suffering and grief,
The world we crash.

Another saw a spring,
Flowering gardens and the sky is blue
Beautiful green foliage...
In one window looked two..."


Only those who are able to see in the dark lovely — really happy.published


Author: Tatiana Sarapina


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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