Romantic bedroom design: 6 useful tips

Romantic bedrooms suggest a warm and cosy atmosphere, an atmosphere of intimacy, it is a space just for two, and everything must be soft. Romantic bedrooms are not tied to a particular style, the style could be boho and shabby chic, and modern, and Mediterranean. and Scandinavian, and whatever... the Main thing – to create an atmosphere. The bedroom should surprise, to be special, relaxing. Let's see how to achieve this.


Do not use large chandeliers and lots of sconces. In the bedroom is enough of a romantic twilight. You can use multiple light sources to turn on at the right time the right brightness. Bedside lamps, lighting pillow, led backlight the bed, candles to set the mood... you Can use light from Windows – if you hang the tulle.


Soft surface.

Make your bedroom cosy by using soft and warm bedding, pillows, bedspreads, blankets. The bed will be much easier, and in fact it is the Central figure in the interior bedroom. You can make easy accents and touches, especially if you want to use a light colored fabric. White linen or linen pastel colors will make the bed soft and the black is sexier.

Use warm colors.

The use of white and warm colors makes the room brighter even with the lights off, and cleaner and neater. You can add accents, but make sure that light colors predominate. It also makes the bedroom more quietly.

Use the flavors.

The fragrances will add a romantic aura. It can be oils, aroma lamps, fragrance. Put them on the fireplace or hang on the wall. If you are preparing a romantic evening – bring into the bedroom with fresh flowers.


Bed with draping and canopy will change your idea about bedroom. The bed will seem more romantic. Lightweight translucent fabric adds softness. A canopy and more heavy curtains would add intimacy and the inviolability of the bed. This is exactly what we strive for.


Interesting headboard can add sensuality. Headboard with lights or just a carved wooden headboard... Or do you prefer rattan or fur? Or skin? Importantly, the headboard somehow resonated with the furniture in the bedroom. Here's the idea.

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