Luxury headboard for a bed: the master class

In the bedroom the bed is the main character, and her headboard can become the visual center of the entire room, especially if it is not normal, and made by hand in the style of the room and with an original idea based. We have collected some ideas for you really cool design that can be implemented.

Ideas easier

Canvas fabric

Hook on bed frames or any other stick and loop it through the leaf tissue. I will even take the curtains or the carpet — the latter easily give the room the mood of boho-chic. Is a good idea that textiles can often be changed, thereby updating the appearance of the bedroom.




Great if a headboard is both a shelf for the right things. But if you fit in there a whole wardrobe? You can just attach the bed to the shelf — it will be the fastest option, but you will lose space the lower shelves. Single bed get even "embedded" in almost any rack.

The more difficult option: to hang the cabinets on the wall around the bed. Great if it will be drawers from old chests of drawers of different shape and size, as pictured below. They add visual unity by using paint or by gluing the Wallpaper on the back wall.

Vertical blinds

Tired of old fabric blinds? Make a wicker headboard. Except the blinds need only wooden frame and glue.

Wicker headboard

Another network, but this time from the more classic material — twine or thick thread. But the base is made of a metal tube, which certainly adds flavor.

How to translate:

Ideas is more difficult

Quilted back

High and soft quilted headboard is the dream of many, but usually it is very expensive. But its really to do with their hands.

But in the end it may look like your headboard:


The backrest is made in the style of patchwork, original bright accent. Using this element, you can associate several colors in the design of the bedroom. Each square is made and is sheathed with fabric separately and then the composition is assembled and glued on a rigid base, for example, of MDF.


Wooden headboard is a classic. However, some ideas do not look classically. For example, the back, covered oval wooden saw cut. To make it easy, we just need to pick up the base and not to forget to process the tree from parasites and desiccation.

To make the headboard you can from the old boards, pallets and even laminate, mount it directly on the wall above the bed. Here's how it will look:

This master class will help you make the headboard out of the ordinary pallet: published

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Author: Anastasia True


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