When you are with someone together, it might be the last time

Always remember that when you are with someone together, it might be the last time.

Don't waste it on trivia; don't create small problems, conflicts in which there is nothing important. When death is coming, nothing else matters.

Someone does something, says something, and you come in anger, just think about death. Just think, imagine this person dies, or you die — what is the significance of what he said one or the other?

And maybe he didn't mean the things that hurt you; it can be your own interpretation. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred is your own interpretation.

And remember, when you are with someone together, he or she is not the person you knew before, because everything is constantly changing. You cannot step twice into the same river twice is impossible to meet one and the same person. You see your mother and father, brothers, sisters and friends, but perhaps they have changed. No one remains the same. You've changed, you remain the same and don will still find them.


The power of the NOW moment

You must have the strength and honesty to be where you are


And if you remember these two things, between the two of them love blossoms.

Always meet the person like it the first time.

Always meet a person like this is the last time.

And it's exactly what it is.

Then this small moment of meeting will bring a striking osushestvleniya.published




P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

Source: sobiratelzvezd.ru/kogda-vy-s-kem-to-vmeste-eto-mozhet-byt-v-poslednij-raz/


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