50 lessons of life to which we owe LEARN

Lessons from the wise man's life, which we must learn to gain invaluable experience from the older generation

Life experience - this is one of the most important things in life. We all want to be independent, wise, confident individuals. However, sometimes we forget that our wisdom - this is the experience gained over many years. For the sake of such experience, many people go through a lot of obstacles and difficulties of life. For this reason, the experience of the older generation is very important to us, as it brings life lessons - the most valuable knowledge.

Here are 50 life lessons from Barry Davenport, wise human life that we must learn:

Life - this is what we have now. We are always waiting for the incredible things that will happen in the future, but we forget that life is going right now. Learn to live in the moment and hope to stop the illusion of the future.
Fear - it is an illusion. Most of the things we fear, will never happen. But even if they occur, they are often not as bad as we thought. For many of us fear - it is the worst thing that can happen. The reality is not so terrible.
The most important thing in your life - is close people. Always put them in the first place. They are more important than your work, hobby, computer. Appreciate them, as if they were - it all your life. Because it is so.
Debts that are not. Spend money on their capabilities. Live free. Debts will not let you do that.
Your kids - it's not you. You - a vessel that brings children into the world and takes care of them as long as they can not do it themselves. Teach them love, support, but not me. Each child is unique and has to live his life.
Things collect dust. The time and money you spend on things that will kill you one day. The less stuff you have, the more you are free. Buy wisely.
Fun underestimated. How often do you have fun? Life is short and you need to enjoy it. And stop thinking about what others think when you are well. Just enjoy it.
Errors - this is good. We often try to avoid mistakes, forgetting that they lead us to success. Be willing to make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.
Friendship requires attention. Keep the friendship, as an ornamental plant. It will pay off.
Experience in the first place. If you can not decide to buy a sofa or a trip - always choose the latter. Joy and positive memories much steeper material things.
Forget anger. Satisfaction with anger takes a few minutes. And the consequences can last much longer. Listen to your emotions and, when it comes to anger, take a step in the opposite side of it.
And remember about kindness. A small amount of kindness can work wonders with the people around you. And require you to small efforts. Practice this every day.
Age - this number. When you are 20, you think 50 - it is a nightmare. But when you are 50, you feel that you 30. Our age should not determine our attitude to life. Do not let the numbers you change this.
Vulnerability treats. Being open, real and vulnerable - it's great. It allows people around you to believe you and share with you my emotions, and you can share them in response.
Posturing is building the wall. Creating an image of another person with the aim to impress someone to play with you a malicious joke. Very often, people see you, through this way, and it repels.
Sport - is the strength. Sports on a permanent basis should be part of your lifestyle. It makes you stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. It also improves the health and appearance. Sport - is the cure for all diseases.
Resentment hurts. Let her go. Another is simply no right way.
Passion improves life. When you find any occupation from which you are crazy, every day becomes a gift. If you have not found your passion, set a goal to do it.
Travel offer experience and expand consciousness. Travel makes you more interesting, wiser and better. They teach you to interact with people, their habits and cultures.
You are not always right. We think we know the answer to any question, but it is not. There is always somebody smarter than you, and your answers are not always correct. Remember this.
It will pass. Whatever happens in life, it will pass. Time heals, but things are changing.
You determine your destiny. Life is boring without a goal. Decide what's important to you, and build their lives around it.
Often, the risk - that's good. To change your life, we have to take risks. Make informed risky decisions and helps you grow.
Change is always for the better. Life changes, and it is not necessary to resist it. Do not be afraid of changes, swim in the stream and experience life as an adventure.
Thoughts unreal. Every day thousands of thoughts fly head. Many of them - negative and frightening. Do not believe them. It's just a thought, and they do not become a reality, if you will not help them.
You can not control others. We want the people around us behave as we want. But the reality is that we can not change other people. Respect the uniqueness and independence of each person.
Your body - the temple. Each of us has something that we hate in his body. But our body - is the only thing that belongs only to us. Treat it with respect and take care of it.
Touch heal. We touch there are many positive qualities. They result in heart rate, improve mood and relieve stress. It is a gift that should be shared.
You will manage. No matter what the situation is there in your mind. The reality is that you can handle it. You are much stronger and wiser than you think. You will pass through it and survive.
Thanks makes people happier. And not only that, thanks to whom it is addressed, but also the one who says it. Do not forget to thank people for all they do for you.
Listen to your intuition. Your arguments are important, but the intuition - it's your superpower. It uses your experience and life model to find the answer to any question. Sometimes it occurs spontaneously and better listen to it.
Be aware of yourself first. Do not be conceited, but remember that the most important person for you - it is you yourself.
Honesty to yourself - is freedom. Be honest to yourself. Self-deception - is blinding himself.
Ideals are boring. Perfectionism will make your life boring. Our differences, especially phobias and weaknesses - that's what makes us unique. Remember this.
Steps to find a purpose in life. She finds herself. Help her in this, and do everything possible to find the goal.
Little things are important too. We all expect great victories and achievements, forgetting that they are composed of small and sometimes imperceptible steps. Appreciate these steps.
Learn. Always. If you think you know at least 1% of all that is in our world, then you have never been so wrong. Learn every day, learn something new about different things. Study keeps your brain in good shape, even in adulthood.
Aging - it is inevitable. Our bodies are aging, and we can not stop them. The best way to slow down aging - to enjoy life and live each day to the full.
Marriage changes people. The person with whom you tied your life will change with time. But you, too! Do not allow these changes to catch off guard.
Worry is pointless. You need to worry only if it will lead you to the solution. But the nature of the concern is that this will never happen. Anxiety off your brain, and you just can not solve the situation. So learn to cope with anxiety and try to get rid of him.
Heal your wounds. Do not let the wounds from the past affect your present life. Do not pretend that they do not mean anything. Find support from loved ones or those who are professionally engaged in the treatment of emotional trauma.
Simply - better. Life is full of difficulties, confusion and liabilities that make it worse. Simple Life gives space for joy and favorite activities.
Do your job perfectly. If you want to achieve something in life, you have to work. Of course, there are rare exceptions, but do not rely on them. Rely on yourself.
It's never too late. Late - this is just an excuse for not trying. To achieve its goals at any age.
Actions heal depression. Any action - a cure for anxiety, procrastination, depression and anxiety. Stop thinking and do anything.
Do what you want. Be proactive. Do not wait until life throws you a bone. You may not like the taste.
Release prejudices. Do not be attached to the opinions or beliefs of society. Be open to all possibilities and ideas. You'd be surprised how many possibilities gives life, if not reject.
Words have meaning. Think before you speak. Do not use words to hurt the person. When you do this, the road back will be gone.
Live every day. When you are 90 years old, how many days you have left? Live and appreciate every one of them.
Love - is the answer to any question. Love - this is why we are here. This is the power that moves the world. Share it and express it every day. Make the world better.


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