As the world celebrated New Year 2014

New Year's fireworks in Dubai is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, but not only this memorable celebration of 2014 years in the cities of the world.
New 2014 Year walked the planet, bursting into our lives under the chiming clock and volleys of fireworks. In the major world capitals were festive fireworks and festivities. In this issue you will find the most beautiful Christmas pictures from Moscow to New York from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro.

In Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana promenade colorful pyrotechnic show lasted 16 minutes. Fireworks ran a special computer program, a total of 24 tonnes were used pyrotechnics. Her pre-placed on rafts, anchored in the ocean in front of Copacabana.

Indian students lit fires in Agartala.

Traditionally in India on New Year's Eve dress up banana trees and decorate them with small oil lamps. Around the Christian churches during the holidays, you can see the decorations of red flowers and candles. The Cathedral is the midnight mass, and in the churches - Christmas service.

Confetti during New Year celebrations in Times Square in New York City. Snowfall of confetti and fireworks in Times Square have forced residents of the Big Apple to give each other kisses and hugs.

More than a thousand walruses in festive "clothes" made a swim in the cold waters of the River Forth in South Queensferry, Scotland.

In Europe, there is only one place where the New Year love as passionately as in the CIS-countries is Scotland. Here, this holiday is called Hogmanay, and Scots celebrate his fun, bright, and in a big way until dawn. One of the holiday traditions that are supported by the residents of Scotland for many years, is a New Year's winter swimming.

Thousands of people in London lined the banks of the River Thames to see the spectacular New Year's fireworks.

Londoners gathered to celebrate New Year at Big Ben. Each punch clock marking the midnight, accompanied by a burst of fireworks. After the twelfth salvo sky over the capital of the UK has exploded with thousands of lights. And then on the heads of people in London rained snow with different flavors and edible confetti.

Rescuers "COX" crowd during the celebration of the New Year on the beach in Durban, South Africa. Locals traditionally buried in the water on New Year

Thousands of traditional bathing in South Africa is not only fun entertainment, but also an occasion to mobilize rescue, medical and police. For example, this year on the coast came as much as 40 thousand. Citizens. The crowd lost 365 children, two of them to their parents until they are back, besides hundreds of citizens through the throng to rescue from under the water and pumped.

The girls raised their glasses holiday in Madrid.

New Year's Eve crowds traditionally gather in the square in Madrid Gate of the Sun (Plaza de la Puerta del Sol), which established the main Christmas tree to celebrate the New Year according to the old Spanish tradition - with every beat of hours you need to eat one grape zagadyvaya with the desire .

Celebrating New Year in Kiev on Evromaydane.

Immediately after the new year, tens of thousands of participants at the Independence Square in Kiev, people sang the anthem of Ukraine, holding flashlights and cell phones. According to various sources met in 2014 in the central square of Kiev from 100 to 500 thousand people. Evromaydanovtsy New Year's Eve mass sang the national anthem and we intend to continue the protest.

Salute on a background of the ancient Pantheon in Athens.

In Greece, the crisis-ridden, fireworks were much more modest than in other European countries. In the Greek capital, hundreds of spectators were able to enjoy classical music, which is performed in the open air. And then over the Acropolis began fireworks.

A resident of Bucharest with a bottle of champagne. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the Romanian capital, to celebrate together the arrival of the new 2014 year.

Fireworks on the background of Cologne Cathedral.

New Year's Eve in the Red Square in Moscow.

New Year's Eve on the streets of Moscow came 50 thousand people - nearly two times less than last year when New Year's Eve in the city center walked 90 thousand people. All wishing to see the fireworks on Red Square at first had to go through metal detectors to control. Public order on the streets guarded by about 5,000 police heightened security measures due to the recent terrorist attacks in Volgograd.

Indian boy sets fire to an effigy symbolizing the passing 2013th year. Photographed in Mumbai.

Many thousands of festivities to celebrate New Year in the capital city of Yangon, Myanmar.

Firework display against the backdrop of the Juche Tower in Pyongyang, North Korea.

In North Korea, too, noted the New Year. However, modest - no magnificent celebrations, although arrange them on holidays in North Korea like. Pyongyang residents carrying flowers to the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. A country's current leader Kim Jong-un said North Korea has become stronger, because "free of dirt" - all at once thought he was referring to his uncle, who was executed last month.

Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

Offensive 2014 Hong Kong celebrated a special scale: Local Tourism Board has prepared for residents and visitors alike a gift - a spectacular music and fireworks show, the most extensive in the history of the region.

Traditional New Year's fireworks in Sydney - lights grandiose fireworks over the Harbour Bridge, one of the largest steel arch bridge in the world.

2014 arrived in Sydney in the beautiful lights of fireworks. Intricate shots of colored lights were replaced within 12 minutes, and the launch pad this time was the building of the famous Sydney Opera House - a masterpiece of modern architecture. Celebrate the New Year in the lights of the traditional fireworks at Sydney Cove gathered around one and a half million people. Contributed to the festive mood and warm summer weather - at midnight in the largest city in Australia was 22 degrees Celsius.

Caption sparklers on long exposure on the background of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This year's New Year's fireworks in Paris was not, but the Eiffel Tower turned into a festive glow.

Grand fireworks show on the network of artificial islands Palm Jumeirah celebrated the arrival of 2014 in Dubai, UAE.

Celebrate the New Year in the UAE came tens of thousands of visitors. In the heart of Dubai staged a spectacular show. They say the scale celebrations can enter Guinness Book of Records as the most massive.


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