The healing properties of a candle flame

People from ancient times believed the sacred fire element. He warmed and gave light, saved from the animals. Now we don't have to cook over a campfire and warm up by the fire, but sometimes it pulls to fire. In today's world we rarely leave to make a fire, but you can simply light a candle.



The healing candle flame

Look into the flame is useful. Fire has many useful properties:

  • Cleans;
  • Soothes;
  • Heals;
  • Soothes.
  • Permeates useful energy;
  • Man is cleared of negativity;
  • Together with the flame burning anxiety and sadness;
  • Purifies the soul and the body;
  • Takes disease;
An ordinary candle can help a person.

  • If you light a candle when going to all the family, it brings us together, brings harmony to relationships.
  • Has a healing effect on all those around him.
  • The candle flame contributes to human energy.
  • To arrive forty minutes about a candle flame is helpful for allergies, hypertension, neurosis, depression, stress.
  • The flame of a candle clears the housing and restores the human biofield.
Cleansing a candle flameto brush a home, you need a lot of energy and mental strength. Light a candle, relax and all your thoughts should be only about what you want to save your apartment from the bad. Starting from the front door, go around the apartment along the wall clockwise.

All the time keep your eyes on the flame and think of how warm, comfortable home atmosphere of peace, harmony, love, understanding, no one should enter it with bad thoughts.

Believe that the flames will protect your apartment from evil, envy, negativity.

If you suddenly noticed that the flame begins to deviate or smoke, stop, say a prayer and say good wishes. When you're done to get around the house, leave the candle to burn out at the door.

To purify man to restore energy it is necessary to take the candle in your right hand and pass you the flame around the body, first the head, then along the left arm and left side, the left and right legs, the outer and inner region.

Put the candle in your left hand, pass the flame of the right hand, the crown of the head.

Now hold the candle in your right hand around the top of the head, forehead, throat, chest, stomach, pubis, coccyx (our energy centers) it is necessary to make seven moves in a circle clockwise. From candles to remove the soot and leave without quenching.

Healing technique flame candlecandle Flame can help in a number of diseases. Consider one technique of healing.

Take and light a wax candle. It is necessary to take over the lower end of the thumb, index and middle fingers. You have to imagine that fingertips is the flow of energy and red color candle.

Then a hand with a candle delivered to the patient body and transfer the image of the flame inside this body. Floating the image inside the healed body to burn off disease. The session lasts about seven minutes, start to hold it better during a full moon.

If you light a candle and stare intently at the flame, after a few seconds, it is impossible to break away from the forces of fire. When you observe how varies the flame of a candle, there is a treatment and healing.

Better to do the cleansing flames of the camp for the night, you will rest better will sleep together with the flame will burn all the tension accumulated during the day. All your worries, worries, go away, be calm, peace.

If you have any problems, you have any concerns, worries, look at the flames, all Express. And then mentally imagine that all the bad it's a pile of garbage that is burned in the flame of a candle. And you will see that you will feel better.

Exercise with a candle flamethe Flame is similar to massage, but without contact, to establish the function of the eye. If you long to be at a computer to relax the eyes you just need to put around a candle and watch the fire.

Offer wonderful exercises that improve vision. You need to put the candle at a distance of 90 cm from himself. The flame of the candle should be level with the eyes.

Look at the fire for 10 seconds, then close your eyes and 30 seconds look at the remaining image of the flame.

Look at the fire his left eye, then right, with both eyes. Turning his head right and left. So as not to strain your eyes, cover them with your palms.

Exercises need to repeat the first 10 seconds, then twenty, then 30. Every week add ten seconds until the time reaches three minutes.

Place the candle at eye level. Approach the candle and move away from it two meters, eyes of flame, not to take. Do 9 times.

After the exercises, sit, relax, close your eyes with your palms and sit for five minutes.

The following exercise will help with astigmatism, but You need a helper. One candle is necessary to put a meter from the eye, and the second for seven. Watch the first three minutes for one candle, then assistant light a second candle. Now three minutes to look at it. Then the second it is necessary to extinguish and to light the first and again to look at her. It is necessary to repeat six times.

Conclusion: the candle flame has a unique healing effect, if you are bad, you have problems, you're tired, take a candle and watch the flame, you relax, rest and regain strength. published

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