Trataka – technique to cleanse the eyes

We all understand how important it is to have healthy eyes.But, most of us, sooner or later, the problems begin with vision. The reason for this mass.And each different approach to solving this problem.

70% of the 100 begin to wear glasses or contact lenses (prosthetic eye), the other 20 are trying to solve this problem in various ways.

And 10% is possible.

Today we offer many ways of restoring vision through a variety of complexes gymnastics for eyes, methods ( method Basta, which actively promotes academician Zhdanov). And the most highly motivated, they bring positive results.

Trataka — a technique that I want to tell you, is an ancient meditative technique from Hatha yoga, which translated means "steady gaze".

The main essence of this technique is to concentrate the mind, open in itself new abilities, the development of concentration.

But, besides all this, she's capable of on a physical level to correct certain defects of the eye and eradicate eye diseases.

Using Trataka cured hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, strabismus.

Also leaving depression, insomnia, anxiety


1.Take a comfortable position (preferably a meditation asana) in a dark room.

2.Set a n a lighted candle at a distance of 30-60 cm from the face at eye level.

3.Straighten your back, relax and close your eyes. Feel only your body.

4.Adopting a comfortable position, try in the future not to move during the entire exercise.

5.When you're ready, open your eyes and focus your gaze on the bright spot of the flame (at the tip of the wick).

6.Continue to watch the flames with the utmost concentration.

7.Your mind must be fully concentrated in the eyes, while the perception of the rest of the body must dissolve.

8.The eyes should be focused on one point before the appearance of tears.

9.When the eyes get tired or begin to water, close them and relax.

10.Don't move.

11.Save in front of the closed eyes the image of the flame.

Each of us, looking at the sun (or bright light) and closing for a while the eye maintains a clear image on the retina of the eye.Exactly the same will happen to the candle flame.

Follow Trataka on the image of a candle flame, holding it directly in front of midabdomen or slightly higher. As soon as the image starts to disappear, open your eyes again and concentrate on the flame of a candle.The duration of a meditation session should be 10-15 minutes or more.

Carry out the practice several times a week.

Focusing on the flame of a candle is perfectly safe.You only need to avoid excessive surge eye first practice.

Method 2-exercises

In this video, I found another method of implementing this technique, which includes several useful exercises.

I recommend everyone to see who is interested.

How to believe that works?

Just remember how calm the eyes and nerves, if closely and I stare at the burning fire.

After about a month of applying this methodology is marked improvement of view and increases the sharpness. Just start doing it and feel it yourself!

Be healthy and take care of your eyes. All clear sight! published

Author: Alain Yasneva


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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