How to survive if you fell through the ice

The best way not to fall in a hole is don't ignore warnings and don't step on the ice in untested areas.

But we at the Site know that things happen in life, so have prepared for you the instructions on how to escape if you are caught in a trap of ice.

Don't panic, keep your head above water, call for help

  • Don't panic. Even if you sank deep, the water will push you back.
  • Hold the head on the surface — it can slightly tilt it back.
  • It is not necessary to flounder, losing power, instead, make your feet a continuous motion as if you pedal a Bicycle.
  • Breathe as slowly as possible and deeper.
  • Call for help.
Turn in the direction whence you came, where ice is stronger

  • If you have a backpack or coat pulls you down, get rid of them. But don't spend precious time on the strip, if the clothing is not heavy. Moreover, it can be air pockets that will help you to stay afloat.
  • Easier to get out just the same way you came in. The ice around polynyas is very fragile, but the place where you were standing, before the fall, should be stronger.
  • Turn your face to this place and put your hands on the ice, stretching them as far as possible.
Fell on the edge of the ice chest and push herself out of the water

  • To get, hold palms of both hands on the edge of the ice, fell on her chest and try to push herself out of the water to the surface. Pushes feet, trying to give the body the horizontal position.
  • Alternative method: remove from the water right arm to the shoulder and laid on the ice, use it as a prop. Then try to throw on the ice right leg. This should be done sharply and with force to move the center of gravity of a body of water on the ice surface.

Don't get up immediately to his feet, rolled from dangerous places

  • Once on the edge of a hard surface, do not try immediately to his feet, the ice may again fall under you.
  • Rolled away from the hole as far as possible.
Crawl to shore the way you came

  • Not get up to his feet, crawled in the direction where they came from, where the ice strength is already known and it are more likely to support your weight.
  • Once ashore, do not stop, to keep warm, run get to the nearest warm premises.
Get rid of wet clothes, warming gradually

  • Once in the room, remove wet clothing, cover yourself in a blanket and drink something warm.
  • You can't take a hot bath, as this may cause shock and even cardiac arrest. Warm up should gradually.
  • If there is no possibility to quickly get to a warm room, you need to try to squeeze water from clothes. To be in the cold in wet clothes is just as dangerous as to be completely without it.
  • As soon as possible consult your doctor, even if you think that bathing in icy water without consequences.

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