Live pictures

I present to you the live images from the film, along with quotations from them. Caution! Some pictures scare.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

- Madam, can I wash my window? - You should not ask me that. - It's just ... the only thing that can give light.

American Psycho

I have all the physiological components of the human: flesh, blood, skin, hair. But no one, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust.

Why do you keep smiling? I never know whether you judge me, Is or tease.

Oh, where are you, brother?

Last Tuesday, I slaughtered this horse.


The best friend of a boy - it's his mother.


Mr. Corleone - the man who wants to receive any bad news immediately.


I saved Latin. And what have you done?

Royal Tenenbaums

I think we have to love each other in secret and leave it in himself, Richie.


I had two heart attacks, an abortion and hassle during pregnancy. Excluding this, I'm all right.


Hi, Lloyd. Long is night, is not it?

Apocalypse Now

We train young men to drop fire on the people. But their commanders will not allow them to write «fuck» on their airplanes because it's obscene!

From Hell

This murder is not for profit. This - the ritual.

Fight Club

We are a generation of men, educated women. And I'm wondering whether or not a woman - this is what we need.

Pulp Fiction

I do not think. Need to know.

Pulp Fiction

I'm not a very good dancer.

Clockwork Orange

Then there was a moment when I thought for a moment, as if the bar has flown a huge bird, and all the little hairs on my body stood on end, goose down and up again, like little lizards. Because the music I heard. It was part of the magnificent 9th sonata by Ludwig.

Translation: author, summer_death.


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