Miniature Asian nicknamed the Black Widow devours piles of food

Recently in the American town of Buffalo hosted the contest for speed eating - this time chicken wings. Several bidders competed for the title of the main glutton, but the title of queen once again grabbed a miniature American of Korean origin Sonya Thomas, nicknamed "Black Widow." Home glutton - a fragile woman who weighs just 45 kilograms.

1. Standard set - bowl with wings, water bottles and an uncontrollable desire to push themselves in as many chicken wings. Contestants have begun to fight for the title "The greatest gluttons».

2. Contestants are provided with all the necessary seasoning to taste.

3. Sonya Thomas (in red) fearlessly rushed into battle with food. For her, it is not the first competition: in 2000, Sonia has set a new world record in the competition for speed eating sausages (35 sausages for 10 minutes), and in September the same year - in competitive speed eating lobster in town Kennebec (ate 44 lobsters a total weight of 5, 13 kilos in 12 minutes).

4. In 2005, Sony made a personal record of the flap 174, but now finalist mastered a new technique, now she eats, actively helping himself with his hands in the process.


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