If you have no time to rest, then you need it!


For good health, we need two things -sberegat resources and activate the body's internal energy. That is, to learn to alternate activity with complete relaxation and tranquility.

Five ways to relax

Solid exotic
Oriental massage techniques - what you need for a complete relaxation. The longest (up to 6 hours, the first session of at least 3 hours), a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. The name, which translates as "soft touch velvet paws contented cat" is quite justified - gentle but thorough effects on the body has the magical effect of relaxation. After the procedure, a person can sleep the whole day. Conduct Lomi Lomi more frequently than once a month is not recommended.

Create a mood
Balinese massage is perfectly relieves stress, gives spiritual balance. If you hold it is taken into account many details - even your mood, which can be corrected with the help of aromatherapy using a variety of natural oils: sandalwood, coconut, ginger, lotus, jasmine. A pressure point massage is able to cope even with serious illnesses.

Herbal massage - extremely pleasant and useful procedure. It is made of special fabric bags, which are steamed plants. The contents of the bag is chosen individually, depending on your mood and health. Generally used ginger, turmeric, camphor, patchouli.

The strength of the stone
If you want to get rid of back pain and neck, look for stone therapy. Massage technique is based on the principles of thermotherapy. In the East, it is believed that the stones - a source of natural and cosmic energy. Somehow, in this hard to believe, after all the stones of volcanic origin are used. In them a lot of useful macro-and micronutrients, their heat can penetrate the body to a depth of 4 cm, which relaxes the muscles and relieves stress.

Go sedated
If you want to completely disconnect from it all, go to the float chamber. Being in the dark in a state of weightlessness in the pool with a high concentration of salt solution ensures a surprising effect. Firstly, it is total relaxation, which positively affects the body - reduced levels of stress hormones and increases the release of endorphins, normalizes blood pressure, reduces muscle pain. Secondly, it is a way to be in "a state of deep inner silence", which gives some interesting results - from rethinking of all the problems to the ability of high-speed train.

Five ways to be active

Scientists have shown that regular exercise are the prevention of depression. The fact that in response to our provoked muscular stress, the body produces "happiness hormones" - endorphins. One of them is called beta-endorphin, which belongs to the group of opioids. With increasing duration and intensity of loads of beta-endorphin increased, this substance helps to reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, speed up the recovery process.

Dance Dance Dance
The most pleasant physical activity - dancing. After all, they provide also emotional discharge - what should you fall! A nice bonus of employment - a beautiful figure. Choose a class depending on the needs:
belly-dance will make the waist thinner, tighten the buttocks, improve breast shape;
Flamenco improves posture;
Irish dancing will help pump up the muscles of the legs, plus they have a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body.

Experts advise to engage in stretching the fall - it will help to get rid of muscle pain, improve joint flexibility. All this is achieved thanks to the fact that the exercises are performed slowly, each pose is fixed at 1-30 seconds, until a slight tension in the muscles.

Dance - fight

Harness the music oriental martial practice - what could be more fun? If you are enthusiastic about karate and kickboxing, but these disciplines you seem too masculine, try martial arts (which is also called "shadow boxing") and tai-bo (aerobics fighting for women). Also fun classes and bring other tangible effect - improving muscle relief and burn fat.

Pull yourself up!
With the help of physical activity can be organized and happier, it is a scientific fact. Research conducted at the University of Dyuika (North Carolina, USA), have shown that people who performed aerobic exercise three times a week, significantly improved the ability of planning and organization, as well as the ability to solve several problems at once.



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