20 hilarious dogs, who seem to have forgotten what they were born. I am crying with laughter!

No matter how much has been written about the fact that the dog - man's best friend, chetyrehlapye always give people a reason to say more. Admit it, dogs have long been an integral part of our lives. The funny thing is the way they try to copy the habits of his master! I have imagined ten years from now (and even before) the dog will sit with the tablet on the Internet and do self. So far, our four-legged friends have not reached a level of development, but this does not prevent them to amuse and delight us every day. Why are only the dog, which for some reason decided that they - the cats.

Today decided to throw you another dose of positive dog. Just look at these lapochek: they seem to have forgotten that they were born dogs frolicking on the swings and pretending plants. I'd like to shake his paw, so they are cool!

And the winged swing taking off ...

Look, I learned to ride without feet!

Oops, it swings mixed with gynecological chair ...

Rock me, shake me completely!

Chick-Ciric, I'm in the house.

To hell with everything, I - flower!

And where only the damned remote zapropastilsya?

Dog Transformers: now you've seen everything.

Probably the best place for solitude.

This is a jacuzzi, baby!

Two whiskey on the rocks, surrender is not necessary!

Why is your box so small people?

My trainer on yoga says that an extra training session never hurts.

Hey, dude, Semyon there?

Guru photography offers.

It's all right, come on!

My razmerchik!

Oil Painting ...

The miracle is - it is tired!

The dog walks by himself ...

Oh, one scream with these dogs! They probably spend too much time with their owners or other animals, just behave this way. We hope that these great zveryata raised you up and made a drop of positive in this April day. Incidentally, there is very boring your friends - it's time to show them this collection!

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