In the universe there are many wonderful ways to bring the right people in the right place ... Incredible!

Honore de Balzac said: «The event - the greatest novelist in the world». I> In fact, sometimes he can not help you become a direct participant of the seemingly fantastic life scenario. Admittedly, the life - best director-producer who makes a film on your same scenario. "But how?" - You ask.

What would you say there is no and there are no coincidences ... In the universe there are many amazing ways to bring people together. Sometimes, trying to turn the mountain and going to distant lands in search of their own happiness, and everything goes awry. But later life brings you a surprise in the most unexpected place at the very moment when you have nothing to expect. It seems that for mysterious scenes of the world stage works perfect organization that creates for us the perfect connection. You just have to choose the most suitable of the proposed exclusive life scenarios.

is believed that the match - it is a wonderful event, the creator of which God does not wish to declare about themselves. The plans of the universe does not play absolutely no role. For her, as easily make you a millionaire, like to give you a birthday watch, of which you have long dreamed of. It is necessary to send a wave of his thoughts into space. Think about the result, and the universe will take care which way to do it.

Do not run away from responsibility, and do not cover the case. Everything that happens in your life here and now - this is the result of your thoughts and intentions. If, God knows where to find you. Figuratively speaking, each of your determination to be entered in his books desires. Do not strain yourself and do not fuss - pray, plan and do everything in your power, and the details, kindly leave for the Space Center. Give yourself to flow, let everything go his way. Know that your ability to let go is just as important as prayer. When a person is doing everything possible to carry out your dreams, and then relies on the help of higher power, did wonders.

Every person that you meet during his travels around the world - is an actor in the scenario written by you. You yourself admitted him into their lives. Your main task - to constantly improve your script to a movie of your life has turned out a truly grand. Remember, responsible for directing the film and for any mistakes lies with you.

There are no coincidences ... whatsoever a man soweth in his thoughts - he will also reap. No wonder Jesus said: «According to your faith be it unto you». I> Man in creative tandem with supreme intelligence can do great things, is only armed with unquestioning faith the size of a mustard seed. Tell us about these unwritten laws of the universe to your friends.


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