It burned a hole in the sheet using incense sticks ... What came out of it exceeded all expectations!

Avant-garde art is now in vogue. Creative Korean artist Park Dzhihyun invented a unique technique of pointillism - point drawing strokes. To create a masterpiece, it does not need paint. The fact that the park uses to draw many of our favorite incense sticks. No, you did not hear right ... Master lights incense sticks and punctures incandescent huge sheets of thin and fragile rice paper. This process requires the artist's incredible delicacy and attention. But the result exceeds all expectations! Look at yourself ...

Even for drawing Park fits philosophically: «Burning incense sticks creates a void where once was the substance: on paper, and stick to itself ... It's like a kind of spiritual cleansing ». i>

According Dzhihyuna, to find the necessary tools often takes the same time as the creation of these works of art.

Korean finds his work reflects the concept of yin and yang - the harmony of light and dark, of emptiness and substance.

Never seen anything like it! These figures make relaxing in the peace and tranquility of the soul. They definitely have something magical, so to speak, "not of this world." Show these amazing works of art connoisseurs present.


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