8 Useful life hacking health effects that you can teach His Body

The human body is miraculously heal itself from cuts and wounds. However, sometimes you can speed up the process! Try these cool "tricks" to quickly cure everything from hiccups to sore throat!

Keep one eye closed

It's just brilliant and simple trick! Try to keep one eye closed while being set off in the night to the toilet. According mneniyudoktora Mercola, exposure to bright light in the retina of the eye affects our brain so that it begins to count the night - daytime, then you become difficult to fall asleep. Thus, keeping the night on the toilet one eye closed, you can quickly adjust to the darkness and sleep as a child, as soon as the lights go down.

Turn the head around its shei

Many of us are familiar with the unpleasant feeling when you wake up at night from the nagging pain in his hand, and then attempts to move a limb feel a tingling sensation, which is becoming stronger and stronger, but after a while did subside, leaving behind an unpleasant sense of discomfort. Dr. Oz said that flowing limbs symptom is due to the clamped nerve that stops getting enough oxygen. Instead of hand kneading or waving her hand like a crazy chicken, try to twist his head pressed to the back of the neck. This works because the nerves in your neck goes from the head right down to your hand, and are often the main cause of numbness. Such a method will not work in the case of feet, but for them, you can perform a tap dance to stretch my numb toes!

Hiccups, hiccups, and more about ikote

Unfortunately, your body will not let you iknut only one once! Hiccups in itself can be caused by different reasons. It usually occurs in people who eat too quickly and thus swallowing too much air or sudden changes in temperature in the stomach, or just the excitement! If you are a victim of this annoying condition, try to open your mouth and start reflexively swallow. Continue to swallow for a few minutes with his mouth open. This could help calm spasms of the diaphragm that will calm hiccups!

Hold your slёzy

You must have been at some point your eyes started to tear spontaneously in your life. Was it the result of the bad news, or just a very busy work week, but the eyes may begin to tear in that moment, when you least expect it! If you feel that you have watery eyes, try this simple trick. Look around and look for objects that can be viewed. One by one, slowly call the color of each object. Focus and Focus on the subject to calm breathing and heart rate. This practice can prevent slezovydelenie and save you from public shame!

Pull your uho

Massaging temples relieves headache but there are several other points, which work even better method has long been known. Try it the next time to pull his ear as soon as you feel a headache. In contrast to massage the temples, which only releases tension in the forehead - ear stretching method works in the complex. To do this, hold down the "lobe" of his ear and gently pull it away and return back. This will allow fresh cerebro-spinal fluid to clean, soak the temporal area and relieve you of the headache.

Are you afraid of needles?

For some people, regular flu shot or blood test can cause a feeling of fear and anxiety! The good news is that a German researcher Taras Usichenko (apparently former our compatriot, talented - ed.) Found that coughing at the time of the injection needle can trick your body and you do not feel the pain! So next time you see a needle do not forget to cough a few times.

Ottogreyte your brain! It happens to most of us. At a time when we enthusiastically and quickly drank a cold drink or eating a delicious ice cream - the pleasure of a second often accompanied by sudden and severe headache. This is due to the fact that your brain detects sudden loss of heat, and wants to protect themselves! Blood vessels in the palate of your mouth begin to swell and grow in size to return heat back, but a side effect of this is a sharp headache. Dr. Michael Sinkin says that you can easily and quickly get rid of this terrible pain for this, simply heat the upper part of the mouth (palate) with the help of his tongue.

How to swallow pills with legkostyu

Swallowing horse-sized pills can be problematic for many people, even if they do not have any problems with swallowing large amounts of food. If you are prescribed certain medications, you really have no choice really - whether you like it or not, you have to swallow them. Nevertheless, Dr. Mercola know a simple trick that will swallow the tablets with ease! Put the tablet in your mouth, enter a mouthful of water, tilt your head back and swallow. Leaning forward, your body will be occupied by other reflexes, and the tablet is easy to move to the back of the throat, so that swallowing will be painless!

Sometimes your body needs a little help to get rid of hiccups, or swallow a handful of pills huge. These tricks easy to do, and you already have all the tools you need - it's your body! So, do not wait long, try as soon as a couple of these ideas.

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