Nutmeg is a useful seasoning for health

Against toothache. Mix nutmeg with vaseline and apply to the jaw area, where is located the aching tooth. After a while, the pain will subside.

Against unpleasant mouth odor. Use nutmeg to lessen, if not eliminate bad breath. Nutmeg has antiseptic properties and combined with the scent of wood may well weaken, if not clean, bad breath. Mix a teaspoon of nutmeg powder and a little salt with 50 ml of distilled water.

Rinse your mouth every time after brushing your teeth after meals and before bedtime. For best results, repeat the procedure every day.

Against insomnia. Use nutmeg to treat problems with sleep. To do this, drink a Cup of hot milk with nutmeg before bed. Instead of milk often use chamomile tea.

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