The streets will appear "clever" coffee machines

Despite the rapid development of technology in all sectors of human activity, in such industries as the preparation of coffee is still a pretty important the human factor. And the company VGD wants to make a coffee kiosk interactive machine Cоffee Haus, where human intervention will be provided using wireless technologies.

In the world there are many incredible maker. Cоffee Nai, of course, is not quite correct to refer to these devices as we are not talking about portable home or work device, but a large kiosk, but still operating autonomously. Coffee Haus, designed by a Texas company Briggo, offers mobile phone users to become a Barista for themselves. Having the smartphone a special application, they can remotely program this coffee machine by mixing different ingredients of the drink.

First Cоffee Nai company VDO to be installed in the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, and then wants to cover such products of the United States, so that people could prepare their own coffee in every corner of the country. The phone app will remember the recipes for favorite drinks of the user, that he did not need every time to confuse them again.

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