Are the camera which can make high-quality stream at any point of the globe

Today, the smartphones can stream videos using certain applications, but for creating quality streaming video, can not do without special equipment. OnAir Camcorder will give you the opportunity to make high-quality stream at any point of the globe. The device is equipped with a speaker and two cameras(main and additional), OLED screen and other camera options, which allow you to broadcast live in a special video channels or social media networks through a 3G connection or Wi-Fi. The gadget became a finalist in the IDEA.

OnAir Camcorder created by Jung Hoon Lee, has two cameras, one of which records the author of the video (optional), and the other (main) — everything else. These cameras and support for Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth allow you to share moments with friends and family in real time.

In all other respects, the gadget is little different from a regular video camera: OLED display, control buttons take photos, and record. The camera was awarded the title of finalist exhibition IDEA from IDSA.

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