Getting Started world's stock exchanges in the New Year.

World stock markets on Monday resumed their work after the holidays. In many Asian countries were held ceremonies for the opening of trading in the new year. In the new year, people are hoping for the best, and often the first trading day of the year is often considered a "prophetic" for the situation in the markets throughout the year. Expectations were justified - in many countries the first two days of trading on the stock exchanges in the growth of stock indices, forex indicators show a positive trend. At the same time, Asian markets on Tuesday rose to highs in October 2008.

Japanese businessmen pray for a successful financial year at a temple in Tokyo Kanda. On the first trading day of 2010 Tokyo stocks rose. After analyzing the performance of the first day of trading on the stock exchanges of the world, analysts speculated that Asia will continue to be the engine of global economic growth. (Junko Kimura / Getty Images)

The opening of the stock market in the new year in Korea. The slogan of the picture reads: "In a country doing well when the stock market is good," was held. At the opening of the stock exchange has been observed many beginners just graduated from the course «forex for beginners." (REUTERS / Choi Bu-Seok)

A man stands against the backdrop of an electronic board at a brokerage firm in Heyfey, the Chinese province of Anhui. The overall growth of the major indexes out of the general dynamics of the only mainland China, which recorded a drop in prices. (REUTERS / Stringer)

Trader scatters play money during the first trading day on the Philippine Stock Exchange in the financial district of Makati, Manila. (REUTERS / Cheryl Ravelo)


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