Snuff or peck: 10 facts about why people kiss, and the animals - no

Come to think of kissing - the country's employment and some the contrary: you are sharing with another person by saliva and bacteria, including not even very useful ... But somehow, it's nice! < 1. According to the new study, based on data from 168 of the world cultures, only 46% of human societies practice kissing romantic. The researchers did not take into account the kisses of parents and children, and focus solely on those who showered each other in love.

2. Many hunter-gatherers did not show any signs of inclination to kiss (some even consider such behavior repulsive). Mehinaku tribe that lives in Brazil, reportedly calls kisses "obsceneĀ».

3. The modern hunter-gatherers are largely the same lifestyle that our ancestors, we can therefore conclude that the ancient people, too, did not kiss. Researchers claim Thu such behavior - it is rather a product of Western civilization, passed on from generation to generation.

4. kisses, as we know it - it seems to be a relatively recent invention. The earliest mention of the act, similar to the action is contained in the Vedic texts older than 3500 years. Kissing described as "breathing soul of another person." In this Egyptian hieroglyphics depict people standing close to each other but not touching his lips.

5. Primatologist Frans de Waal of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, has observed how chimpanzees kiss and hug after a fight. For chimpanzees kiss - is a sign of reconciliation, the more common way, among males. In other words, there is nothing romantic here.

6. The relatives of chimpanzees, bonobos, often kissing, and even with the language. In this case, however, it is not surprising, because the bonobos - animals with increased sexuality. When two people meet, they can shake hands. Bonobos in this case sex (so-called "Bonobo Handshake"). In addition, they use sex in many other situations, so that their kisses too, can not be considered something especially romantic.

7. We strongly blunted nose of people, so we just need to come closer. The smell - is not the only factor influencing the choice of a suitable partner, yet, studies show that it plays in this process an important role.

8. In a paper published in 1995, argues that women prefer the smell of men who are genetically different from their own. Just react to odors of male and female mice: it is rational from an evolutionary point of view, as a pairing with someone who has a different set of genes, often leads to a healthy son. A kiss - is a great way to get close enough to smell genes.

9. The researchers found in 2013 that men give off its own version of the same pheromone that are attractive female wild pigs. It is present in male sweat. When a woman feels his level of excitation is increased slightly.

10. In some cultures, the procedure "sniffing" transformed into a touch of lips to lips. It is difficult to determine exactly when it happened, but we kiss so that, like animals, we need to smell pheromones, scientists say. So if you are looking for a soul mate, you can not do without kisses and just start sniffing people. Chances of finding a suitable partner, you will have the same number, but the bacteria will secure half. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that people suddenly begin to look askance at you strangely.



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