16 Secrets Revealed kiss

Scientists have counted 16 points, you need to know about the kiss. During a long and serious study found that while kissing a loved one can happen anywhere, from the movement of facial muscles to a dangerous increase in pressure.

Gymnastics wrinkles. Each kiss 29 facial muscles activated - this is an excellent tool for the prevention of wrinkles, writes La Stampa

Mineral salts. During a passionate kiss is exchanged healthful fluids, creates antibodies to counteract various diseases.

Closed or open his eyes. 66% of people close their eyes when they kiss: so more romantic, they say. Others want to see what effect they produce, which speaks about insecurity, notes Inopressa

Number of kissing before marriage American woman kisses 80 times before you get married.

Calories. With the rapid kiss 2-3 calories burned.

Sensitivity. Lips 200 times more sensitive fingers.

The increase in life expectancy. Men kissing his wife every day before going to work live five years longer than abstaining from this wonderful gesture.

Pressure. When you kiss lasting fifteen minutes the pressure rises, increasing the amount of hormones in the blood.

French Kiss. Spouses in France call this a deep kiss with the lips and tongue "Union souls».

The Eskimos also kiss. It is not true that they only rub noses. They also kiss, sniffed, blow each other and then just rub noses.

Modest Japanese. Residents of Japan will never allow themselves to kiss in public. Even teenagers exchanged a touch of lips that lasts a second.

Drugs. Body kissing men produce possessing narcotic properties of the substance up to 200 times stronger than morphine.

Women. Scientists have found that kissing helps women to relieve stress.

For the whole life. For the life of a man kissing spends approximately 20160 seconds, ie two weeks.

For a minute. Kiss, lasting 60 seconds, burns 26 calories.

First kiss. Residents around the world kiss for the first time at about age 14.


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