Use kisses for health

As already known, the kisses becoming more and more popular among psychologists and psychotherapists, as a pleasant and universal means of dealing with stress and depression. Agree, it's so nice to merge in a passionate kiss with a loved one and to experience positive emotions.
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Why is kissing good for health About the benefits of kissing health can be read here and we want to tell you a lot about why kissing is so good for your health. First is kissing, which helps to lose weight and burn calories. For example, a kiss on the cheek burns 5 calories, and if you kiss passionately, you can lose 30 calories per minute!!!
During the kisses in the human body there are various processes, including the formation of neuropeptides, which help neutralize viruses and bacteria. That is why kissing strengthen the immune system and help to cope with colds and tear.
Kisses help to increase sexual desire to the partner and why it is so important to always kiss before sex, to get it up higher pleasure. And kissing is useful in that it can strengthen the confidence in the relationship, which is very important! While kissing, the body charged with the positive energy from the partner, so kiss as long as possible to Express your feelings. But Freud believed that kissing is a kind of deviation, so that kiss on your health, and feel a Mythbusters about what can be perversion. Many women get from kissing this sexual pleasure, and 2% of women unable to orgasm from normal passionate kiss.
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It is proven that couples who kiss often, divorced 2 times less frequently than those where it is not practiced kissing each other before bed. They say that the kiss of a loved one can be 200 times stronger than a shot of morphine, and therefore we have decided to kiss where it hurt, folk wisdom and tradition has its strong evidence in the scientific world. Kisses are the best means of combating viruses and depression, as we have said, and kissing can help in the treatment of certain types of heart disease. During a passionate kiss increases blood circulation and so the kisses will be the best prevention of thrombosis and an excellent workout for the entire cardiovascular system.
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In General, kiss on health and be happy! Marilyn Monroe believed that with a kiss you can fall in love with a man, we can safely check this recipe of love from the great woman. Also noticed that kissing helps women to fight wrinkles, because while kissing train the muscles of the face and happens to be great exercise for the facial muscles. And another secret for our readers – if you kiss in the morning before husband left for work, he will make more money, proven. So go ahead, your way to family happiness and health lies in you hands, with the usual kiss.

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