Interestingly, representatives of this sign cannot be attributed to the lovers and connoisseurs of kisses. Aries kiss only when they have a good mood, and then they are ready to kiss even the first counter, of course, if he's going to be pretty. Those born under this Zodiac sign in kisses are more ardently, although very much an erotic kind of kisses will not name. They are not too chaste, but lack tenderness and even can inadvertently cause pain or leave marks.


Representatives of this sign only make out with someone you know well. Very often, their kisses can become a "duty", as they kiss a loved one, leaving home or returning home, before bed and in other similar cases, even if shortly before that, they had a falling out. Love of Taurus is affectionate, tender and soft kiss. Women after these kisses feel protected and confident, and men, when their kisses Taurus woman, forget about everything.


The twins all looking at the diversity, even in kissing. Those born under this sign are kissing a lot and often, but not particularly putting it out there. Rather, it is a sign of gratitude and friendship than the expression of tender feelings. But the Twins more than the other Zodiac signs, brilliantly mastered the technique of erotic a kiss and sometimes can hit you with this ability.


Those born under the sign of Cancer, I prefer to kiss them. Their kisses tender and loving. For representatives of this sign are they rather a manifestation of the soul of affection, of caring, rather than love, because they basically do not accept kisses no warm feelings and, unlike Calves, do not do the kisses "duty". In case of offense they shut down and resumed kissing mean to them full forgiveness. Kisses for Cancer is not too filled with erotica, but they are really gentle.


Loving the fun in all manifestations, those born under the sign of the Lion are deeply convinced that kissing should be sensual and passionate, so their kisses are very erotic. If the Crabs are shy and never kiss in public, for the lions no restrictions, and they may even enjoy showing their feelings. But a friendly, motherly kisses in appreciation, gratitude, or the location of this sign is almost unusual.


Those born under the sign of Virgo in kissing, as in expression of feelings in General, modest, reserved and prefer to kiss the partner in marriage or with a loved one. They avoid the publicity and all the demonstrations. Do Virgo kiss is very legible and even occupy the last place among all Zodiac signs according to the number of kisses. They never from what reasons does not kiss unsympathetic, sloppy, not pleasing the man.


But those born under the sign of Libra, kissing deal much better than other characters, they love to kiss and do not miss the opportunity to do it. Moreover, the technique of kissing Libra speak skillfully, and in their number is inferior only to the Twins. However, kissing the Scales are not too sensitive, they are more gentle and affectionate than passionate and erotic.


Representatives of this sign are different from all others in that with a kiss is capable of transmitting the full range of human feelings and experiences. Kissing, they show absolutely everything, from affection, tenderness and appreciation to the coldness and utter contempt. Those born under the sign of Scorpio, often and always kiss passionately, but only with well familiar people to them. If you kiss born under this sign, his feelings are sincere and strong.


For Sagittarius kiss, rather, is a means of expressing his attitude (admiration, gratitude, appreciation, derived from the breadth of their vast soul), rather than sensual pleasure. Their kisses often are friendly, they are able to give them a fair amount of sensuality. Although born under this sign are not too comfortable with a kiss, they like kissing a lot.


But those born under the sign of Capricorn, kiss do not like and make this possibility rare. Even children and parents Capricorns tend not to kiss. In love with a Capricorn is not too passionate kissing, never kissing in public. And his kisses do not differ warmth and passion, rather, they are detached, as if out of obligation, tradition.


Kissing those born under the sign of Aquarius, it is difficult to classify because they are very diverse. Kissing, Aquarius often does not distinguish between friends and loved ones, so with the same feeling and kissing. But people born under this sign is never given the feelings completely and do not allow passion to take over, so their kisses are not too frequent, although finding them all: from passion to gentle tenderness.


Born under the sign of Pisces also love when they kiss than kiss themselves. By nature, Pisces tend to surrender to his feelings completely, and because of kisses waiting for something unusual. Kissing, representatives of this sign want to dissolve completely in your choice, as feelings for them above all else. But the technique of the kiss is not too high, and disappointment often lurk.published


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