This mad, mad world: 10 pictures that need no explanation

Every day in different corners of our planet, there is something important and special.

Maybe far, maybe near.

Perhaps even someone of very close friends.

What they don't tell you, because it is impossible to convey in words, what and remember with the higher note strings in the soul, that breaks all the barriers and crushes all the prejudices, barriers artificially erected by the offense.

What turns someone else's deceit and evil, envy and bait an empty phrase.

This is the second... When such an event occurs, the soul touches something unknown, with such force that, were we to live in such moments permanently, the soul would simply not rendered. They are so tiny, these moments, but without them it is impossible.

The photos that captured these moments — the weight of gold. And they need no explanation. It's more than just a photo...


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