The most magical means to relieve pain and stress

The human body - is a dynamic information system. He does not like immobility and stagnation. Spasms of the psychological and physical stress, fears, fixed postures and other phenomena that cause respiratory failure or movement of blood, are the main causes of our ailments, or even very serious diseases. How often during the day we are faced with these reasons? Do the math. Sitting motionless for 8-9 hours before the computer, and then - 2-3 hours of hard driving posture, stress and fear because of the instability in the workplace and other

. Our salvation - this movement. And the movement is not only in the form of gymnastics, reel stands and training that are needed for the external muscles, but also in the form of classes with their deep micro-movements. Today will focus on just two of more than a dozen ways to start the dynamics of the internal muscular corset.

When we are hurt or binds catches poslebolevaya stiffness in the spine, joints and muscles, we often reach for a pill or rubbing. Rarely go to a chiropractor to relieve tension from the muscles and remove the blocks. And the best - welcome to modern professionals working with spasms more sparing techniques than manualshchiku, for example, a reflexologist, osteopath or kinesiology


But few people know that better than anyone from blocking voltages we can save our loved one. Kiss - the most magical remedy in such cases. During a kiss of lovers going soft relaxation clips, removing spasms. In a passionate kiss occurs analgesic effect, as in the blood at that moment arrives endorphin. In addition, kissing quickens the pulse, which improves the blood supply to organs and increases the overall body tone.

Kiss leads as to the removal of nervous tension and increases stress by improving the emotional background. It is proved that the real kiss of lovers increases immunity as a powerful impetus to the growth of antibodies that are produced in response to a hit in our body alien bacteria. Of course, it is better not forget that all these pleasures are not clouded health risk, if we have a proven and stable partner.

If your loved one is in such sharp and far right time, you can help yourself: the same with the help of a kiss - or rather by means of a kiss image. Just find a comfortable position for your stressed body (you can even standing, but it is better lying down), close your eyes and "Kiss" on health, mentally directing a wave of pleasure and relaxation in a place of localization of strain and tightness. The main rule is not to think of a way that you "kiss" with the person with whom you have left, as in this case, you no longer will be strained by heavy memories than to relax.

If you were breaking up, more aware of the new lover. As represented by a kiss can help to better living, if the pain is severe and hugs can be a source of its strengthening.

An excellent remedy for stagnation and blocks is our own breath. Aim your sights on a place of immobility and mentally breathe through this unit. It is clear that the habit your mind will run away and then you will return to normal breathing, but just how think - so do

. The vibration of your breathing and your mind will break the stagnation. Always prodyshite arose resentment, conflict, fear or immobility. Watch for breathing, tracking the moments when you hold your breath and exhale or inhale defective. To enhance the effect, you can exhale voice (moaning or singing vowels). Not for nothing that our body is by nature endowed with the ability to scream from the pain. Sound vibrations will reach stagnation object.

Yet we must remember that stress can occur not only in the external muscles, but in the interior. They can occur under stress, with awkward postures and excessive pressure. In this case, make an elegant exercise for training of natural breathing and harmonization of internal muscular corset. This exercise allows you to run a micro motion in our musculoskeletal system.

Breathing embryo:

Lie on the floor (preferably on something soft at the same time: the carpet or a thin mattress), tighten feet to knees and feet were lifted area, put his hands on the sides at an angle of 45 degrees to the torso, head, place a small cushion height 5-7 centimeters.

Please test yourself breathe "belly": the inspiration "to cheat" when you exhale, "deflate", and keep track of how your sacrum (the place between the waist and buttocks) moves. Ideally, it should fully lie on the floor while exhaling. If this does not happen, we have moved from our natural state of breathing and our task is to return to it.

How breathes an embryo with two rounded points of the body - the head and the pelvis - while inhaling move towards each other, and when you exhale drifting apart

. Therefore, exercise is as practice such breathing or, more precisely, to remember him.

On the inhale: slightly tilts her head back, inflated belly, raised waist, legs micromovement similar to the repulsion (the feet do not slip), hands palms disclosed to the top (the movement is given in the shoulder, not the wrist).

When you exhale: the head moves forward, chin close to the sternum receding to the width of the palm, basin sinks, rump rests on the floor, legs micro movements like the preload (the feet do not slip), turn the hands, palms down (pulse per rotation - shoulder). It is better to do everything at a slow pace, gradually activating all the attention factors.

Author: Elena Light


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