The power of a kiss.

Kissing slimming
A kiss on the cheek - minus five calories. A passionate kiss burns about 30 calories. Therefore, wishing to lose weight, here are a pleasant and useful tool!

Kissing improve immunity
It has been established that the lovers kiss go to the doctor much less frequently. The reason is simple - while kissing the body produces special substances - neuropeptides that destroy various viruses and bacteria. So Kiss health!

Kiss for optimism
British psychologists in the course of the experiments found that lovers kissing often manifest themselves as optimists, they are more confident in their abilities, and therefore more quickly achieve personal and professional success.

Kissing relieve pain
It is noteworthy that a kiss from a loved one acts as a painkiller!

Kiss for the preservation of peace and tranquility
The kiss is a good way to evade an answer, or to force a man to shut up. Therefore, with the help of kisses you can avoid conflicts and unpleasant conversations.

Kisses from allergies
Japanese doctors claim that long kiss reduces the body's production of histamine, which causes hay fever. Kissing continuously for half an hour, we get a vaccine against the disease. Especially, if we kiss under the calm pleasant music.

Kissing beneficial to the cardiovascular system
During a kiss noticeably quickens the pulse: the women to 150-180 beats per minute, and for men to 110-120. Kissing contribute to the prevention of vascular dystonia and disorders caused by insufficient blood circulation in the body.

Kissing accelerate thinking
A passionate kiss that lasts more than a minute faster heartbeat, blood flow is improved, so the brain cells longer receives oxygen. Due to this accelerated thought processes and increases concentration, and the information is remembered better.

Kissing useful wrinkle
During kissing activated about 30 facial muscles, some of which are not able to use other methods. Therefore, this "charge for the person" is an excellent method for preventing wrinkles.

Kiss brings money into the house
From the opinion polls it became clear that the man who before work every morning, kiss their wives, have a higher income. Kissing excite passion, but passion makes the work better.


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