Jouy style in the interior – a fine French tunes

The name used in the interior unusual style Jouy got its name from the fabric. Toile de Jouy is a special material (translated from the French "toile" refers to linen, canvas or canvas, especially the kind of fabric on which to draw), natural tissue, the production of which was engaged in near Versailles, in the village called Jouy.


Since the name was originally determined and the thing itself, made of this fabric, toile de Jouy is a refined French style. It can be as traditional classical and provincial, it all depends on what interior it is applied.

Monochrome patterns entirely on cream or white background came into fashion in France around the eighteenth century. Motifs of toile de Jouy used in the fabrics of cotton during the reign of Louis XIV.

The palette and motifs ofClassic color that is used to create fabrics toile de Jouy, is a pink, red or purple. The main themes used for the image on the cloth was a pastoral theme, floral prints, historical and classical subjects. The pattern was repeated across the surface of the material.


Style ruyi was originally used in the interior and in clothes. In a similar style was chosen Wallpaper, upholstery of upholstered furniture, tablecloths and napkins, valances in the bedroom.

Modern variationsOn the style today Jouy once again experiencing a surge of demand and popularity. The fashion is reflected in the interior of the French pastoral, scenes of military and rural life, literature and ancient stories. Major visible changes have affected only the color of toile de Jouy. If you previously opted to apply the single color pattern on a light background, it is now used and two-color drawings on bright colored background.

Those who decided to experiment and wanted to make the interior of the room or even the entire apartment in French style, designers are advised to choose the colorful Wallpaper Jouy for the walls of living room, bedroom or kitchen.

To avoid ripples in the eyes of the motley drawings necessary for the interior of the room to pick up plain curtains, soft furnishings in colors corresponding to the hues of the walls.

Elegant design looks, if it is a dresser or sofa, upholstered in toile de Jouy. At the same time for living in the French style is better to choose Wallpaper with soft stripes matching the color of upholstery of furniture. Femininity and the mystery of the bedroom can be given, using the interior canopy of silk with figures on a pastoral theme.

Textile Jouy looks better in the interior, which uses a classic French design or the style of Provence.At the same time, if wisely and carefully to choose the basic colors, all the accessories and adhere to the principles of creating a harmonious space, Jouy style will perfectly fit into the interior of country, Baroque, fusion, modern, chinoiserie. With proper lining pattern textiles toile de Jouy fit into a modern minimalist interior.

Kitchen toile de Jouy

Bright, advantageous and harmonious traditional French style with beautiful printed fabrics looks great in the kitchen interior. The perfect combination is bright and comfortable kitchen in Provencal style, Provence blue, and blue prints printed on milk Wallpaper, curtains, pelmets. Great, if the kitchen is located on the Sunny side and most of the day illuminated by the sun.

In this style to decorate a room in a country house, and in a small apartment – the abundance of white and blue shades makes the space visually larger.

French print in the bedroomthe Maximum number of textiles with exquisite prints in the French manner can be placed in a large, and in a small bedroom. Designers give preference to Union classic dark wooden furniture with straight lines and elegant forms with Wallpaper, fabrics, canopies fabrics from toile de Jouy. Especially popular in bedrooms fabric with green drawings of natural motifs and floral prints.

If you do not want the entire interior to see in the style of toile de Jouy, it is possible to start to use some of its elements. Will help to do the Windows, draped with curtains of cloth with antique scenes, pillows with mythological figures scattered on sofas and chairs.



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