The danger, which is directly connected with supplementation!

Dear readers, what do you think, is it worth it to drink calcium? Strange question, you say, of course it is. After all doctors recommend taking it for strong bones. I also took drugs with him courses each year with vitamin D. So was very surprised when the popular magazines I came across information that these drugs are harmful.

What is it? – I thought — a marketing move for the sake of some new drugs and to discredit the previous one? Whom to trust and what to do: you need to drink calcium or not? I decided to look into the matter and study it as much as possible deeper. And here's what I learned.

Just the facts

About fifteen years ago there were devices — densitometers, which can determine how strong bones and we have not started the process of osteoporosis in them.

That was then, and it was found that with age (especially in women) bone strength is reduced, which can lead to fractures. Of course, doctors have sounded the alarm for this reason.

Pharmacists have developed a variety of drugs calcium. And we began to drink, on prescription or without, because you can buy them still without a prescription.

In our heads is firmly settled that after 40 years the rates it is necessary to drink preparations of a calcium, that we protect ourselves from the risk of developing osteoporosis. It is recommended to take during pregnancy, fractures, etc.

It turned out that our body poorly absorbs this mineral, especially with age. To better absorb calcium, in pharmacies there is a new medications with him in the connection with vitamin D.

What are the rules you need to follow How to drink calcium? First, to be examined on the densitometer (a device that determines the density of the bones), and secondly, monthly to do laboratory analysis on the content of this mineral in the blood. Unfortunately, measurement by the densitometer is only available to residents of large cities. Meanwhile, the study of the effect of calcium supplementation on bone health and body continues.

For several years, conducted more than a dozen studies on this topic, they participated more than 11 thousand people. Recently, a group of English, American and New Zealand scientists have studied and summarized the results of all the studies.

The results were shocking: if you take drugs with calcium, risk of heart attack increases by 31%! Another conclusion about bones: drugs with this mineral is really a little increase bone strength, but not enough to reduce the risk of fractures.

So, to drink or not to drink? How is it that calcium is both useful and harmful for the heart and blood vessels? According to scientists, the fact is, in what form and dosage to take it.

For example, you drank the pill Calzada, blood you abruptly became calcium more than the norm, as it is quickly absorbed by the body from drugs.

It was at this time a mineral and is dangerous, as it increases svorachivanie blood. And if you're core, for you it is doubly dangerous – it can form a clot and blockage of the vessel.

The excess of this macronutrient can be deposited on the walls of the blood vessels making them more rigid and narrowing their lumen. But if you already have the vascular inflammatory process or atherosclerosis, the prognosis of such lesions is even worse than in normal platelets of cholesterol. It's a likely possibility of heart attack and stroke.

Quite differently behaves the calcium entering the body from products. In this case it is digested slowly, its concentration in the blood increases sharply.

Underestimate the calcium it is impossible: it depends on the density of the bones, and, indeed, can be a big problem with its lack. But we must consider another feature: our body makes its reserves in the bones in young age – up to 30 years.

And later, his flow is more intense than the absorption. Therefore, with age the bone density decreases. And the more her "baggage" accumulated by this age, the lower the risk of joint disease in old age.

But this does not mean that for elderly people foods rich in calcium are useless. To include them in the diet is necessary at any age and remember that it is better absorbed in the presence of vitamin D and magnesium. The sun's rays actively help the formation of vitamin D in our body, and the magnesium often accompanies calcium in foods.

Content in product (in mg per 100 g)
  • Hard cheeses – from 750 to 1100
  • Cheese – from 200 to 650
  • Cottage cheese – 150 to 180
  • Milk 121
  • Kefir – from 120 to 170
  • Yogurt – 200
  • Chocolate milk – 127
  • Ice cream – 150
  • Sardines in oil – 380
  • Salmon – 215
  • Cabbage – from 40 to 55
  • Spinach – 200
  • Mak – 1500
  • Seaweed (kelp) – 1100
  • Sesame – 975
  • Nuts – to 500, depending on species
  • Bread from whole grains – 320.
In the list of calcium-rich foods include raisins, oranges, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, beans, olives.

Note that from low-fat dairy mineral is absorbed worse. Therefore, low-fat cottage cheese add a little sour cream or flax oil. Proven safe way to strengthen bones — constant exercise. They should be dosed and diverse – opportunities for all bones, joints and muscles.

In addition to strengthening bones, exercise increases the body flexibility, reaction time and coordination, which also is the prevention of fractures.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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