10 vegetable sources of calcium

Calcium - a trace mineral that is mined from the soil and is extremely important in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, nervous system, blood pressure and prevent osteoporosis.
Calcium is found not only in milk, but in many plant foods. Certainly some of its sources will be for you an unexpected discovery. Calcium from plant foods is very easy to digest - all because many plants contain substances that facilitate the absorption of calcium and maintain bone and heart system.

So, turn in your diet more of the following products and forget about problems with calcium:

Most calcium-containing product - a MAC ...! Surprisingly, in 100 grams of poppy seeds contains about 1500 mg Ca. That is why it is important to add the seeds to eat, you can even make them milk.

100 grams of sesame seeds (crude) is contained to 1, 4 grams of calcium, which covers most of the daily requirement. It is also important that the calcium in sesame organic and digestible by the human body to "Cheers."

Flaxseed is better known in omega-3 fatty acids, but it does not prevent flax contain calcium. Calcium 255 mg - 100 g of seed. The milled or whole flax seed contains calcium, but flax seed oil refined calcium is not all. Keep this in mind when choosing flax oil!

Truly one of the best source of calcium - 268 mg in one cup of cooked cabbage. The cabbage is also low in oxalates which bind calcium and prevent its absorption. Therefore, the cabbage will be an excellent alternative to spinach in which oxalate in excess.

In 8-10 figs contain calcium as much as in one glass of milk. Furthermore, figs contains a lot of fiber, iron and potassium. It can be added to a green salad, energy bars, smoothies and cereal.

Almond nuts - another record for product-calcium content. And also they have a lot of fiber and magnesium. Do not forget about a lot of protein and Heart Healthy Fats. You can make almond milk, almond butter, or enjoy the raw nuts.

Vegetable milk
Vegetable milk (soy, almond, coconut, hemp, flax, cashew) - an excellent source of calcium. And it is natural and unprocessed calcium extracted from the very bowels of the earth. Most types of vegetable milk contains more than 30% of the daily calcium requirement and almost 50% greater than the dairy. Such milk is easy to use in smoothies and add oatmeal.

Many people are surprised to learn that broccoli - a great source of calcium. And just one cup of cooked cabbage 180 mg of calcium in cheese inflorescence - 115 mg. Eating just a cup a day, you can easily replenish their stores of calcium. You're not a fan of steamed broccoli? Then add a couple of inflorescences in a smoothie or vegan burger.

butternut squash
Incidentally, this superfud. It is literally filled with fiber, vitamin A and contains as much as 84 mg of calcium, which is almost 10% of the daily value.

Chia seeds
This, of course, will not be a surprise, but it was the calcium content makes them superfudom. With regular use of nails and hair become thicker and stronger, and stronger muscles. In 2 tablespoons of chia contains about 177 mg of calcium, which represents 18% of the daily requirement. It is unbelievable for such a small seed! Adding a tablespoon twice a day in a smoothie, oatmeal, salads and pastries, you can significantly improve the condition of their musculoskeletal system.


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