The useful starvation?


Virtually all digestible proteins being split to form toxic compounds such as uric acid, urea, creatine, creatinine, and others. In hyperalimentation incomplete and "burning" food due to lack of physical activity of these compounds is formed larger than the output. They can not permanently circulate in the blood stream, which would result in rapid poisoning. Toxins bind to and are deposited in the least valuable for the body tissues, primarily in connective and adipose, bone tissues, broken muscles.

And if time is not producing full full-body cleaning from time to time, the toxins accumulate, and soon the body is likened to the drain hole. It weakens the overall human energy potential and functional cells of various organs begin to suffocate from poisons. Cells is simply not strong enough to throw the protoplasm of alien substances.

Life loses one after the other paint. Man does not live, and there, burdened with a mass disease. He did not have time to do, because he feels constant fatigue. He sleeps a lot, but sleep does not add strength. He's sick, 365 days a year!

And to get out is very difficult from this state. It should miss at least one meal, as the body, delighted to have the opportunity, in a hurry to get rid of accumulated toxins. Powerful streams they rush into the bloodstream, and the person exhibit all the symptoms of poisoning, compounded by chronic "sores", - headache, nausea, weakness, dizziness, palpitations, etc. During fasting to clean the entire body. All excretory systems work on the release of toxins.

Only a light output of more than 150 harmful substances. Slag is removed as urine, the feces, sweat, saliva. People hungry for the first time for 7-8 days, literally stink - so active is released from the body of poisons. Sometimes, even surprising how many impurities can accumulate even a strong-looking body.


Some compounds, e.g., salts of uric acid in the joints frequently postponed. Limited mobility, over time there are pains.

On the hunger is intense cleaning of joints, like the limbs and spine. Exemption from such salts is fairly fast, easy forms of arthritis completely disappear after 8-10 days of fasting.

In more severe cases - with polyarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, when there is bone regeneration requires longer periods to enable and recovery mechanisms.

3. The renewal of tissues

The remarkable results of starvation due not only to the removal of toxins. After all, the body is forced to live in part by its own tissues, first and foremost, he eats the sick, degenerated cells.

Neither the surgeon is unable to remove the affected individual tumor cells or ulcers, while maintaining adjacent healthy tissue and without compromising integrity. The great doctor - Hunger - treats that way.

Moreover, along with the destruction of diseased cells the body produces in their place new, perfectly healthy, and this is happening on hunger, but especially new cells grow rapidly in the recovery period. Traced, such that after a 28-day fasting gastric mucosa not only completely restored, but also acquires a hefty "safety margin", through additional functional cells. The stomach becomes, as they say, tinned.

That can not be, if the person has practiced one- and three-day fast, eat right and purified.

This update occurs in other organs and tissues, because some fasting and is a "universal doctor." Disappear adhesions, tumors, ossified areas, cirrhosis and necrosis - and it's all thanks to hunger.


Restoration and renovation of tissues accompanied by their rejuvenation. Straighten the accumulated error in the hereditary apparatus - restored carriers of DNA information and RNA, the cells again begin to synthesize the "right" proteins.

Dr. Crewe at the time had an amazing experience. He took the adult worm planarian 22 mm long and not fed her until she fell to 6 mm. This manifested all the signs of a young worm similar size. Then gave the food to the worm, and he grew normally until the initial state. Thereafter, a new cycle started fasting. As a result, the worm lived in 20 (!) Times longer than their counterparts.

The man, of course, is more complex than the planarian and completely when hunger is not updated, but, nevertheless, very significant rejuvenation. Almost always hungry friends after recovery does not get tired admiring throw up your hands - so there is a noticeable effect. (Although during fasting, these same friends are often persuaded to abort the "self-torture").

For a complete renovation and rejuvenation resistant person must also strengthen its main energy vortexes.

5. Protection against environmental hazards

Together with the "native" of toxins formed in the body, and are displayed on the famine brought about by poisons - captivated by our way of life chemistry, from the poisoned atmosphere of water and food. But this, however, should be expected.

However, it appeared that fasting and reliably protects against radiation. TA Wojtowicz, director of the All-Union Association "Active Aging", a well-known specialist on therapeutic fasting, brings amazing facts. Judge for yourself: all heavily irradiated in Chernobyl, received 400-600 pleased agreed to treat hunger recovered!

And it was enough just to starve for 12-14 days, and hereditary function fully recovered.

Other similar on the effectiveness of combat radiation sickness is just not there. The mechanism of the treatment of hunger is universal: it removes the "damage" in the DNA, derived radioactive isotopes.

In our environmental conditions, these facts can not fail to appreciate. But starvation and gives a remarkable preventive effect. Even long after the famine maintained the highest protective potential, at the same periodic fasting person becomes virtually invulnerable to nitrates, phenols, sulfur dioxide gas and nuclear power.

6. The amount of energy

Hunger gives energy supply. It seems incredible: how is it that people do not eat, spending power, and its energy increases? But there is a paradox. Being deprived of food organic, hard body begins to absorb the subtle energy of the space and the environment.

With the transition to the normal diet works sverhvosstanovleniya effect - the body more intensively than before the famine, gaining energy, the benefit of all the possibilities open up for that. After all, the hunger to clean the chakras and the energy channels, on which many abilities.

After the release of the fast sleep is reduced to 4-5 hours, people literally fulfilled forces, it boils his overflowing energy. This remarkable state is maintained for a long time, if you stick to a healthy diet, do some exercise, go to the air and sun.

But the forces significantly decrease when people are trying to "catch up" and indulge in overeating.

7. Clearcasting

Scientists, writers and other creative workers unanimously speak about the remarkable impact on the thinking of hunger. It improves memory, acute sensitivity, increases intuition. No wonder Pythagoras fasted for 40 days and demanded the same from the students.


Without a doubt, long starvation lead to a very significant spiritual purification (of course, if it is hungry for spiritual development).

After 40-42 days of hunger with pure thoughts one is freed from all the "lands" inclinations, his mental body is cleared. In addition, improved communication between the bodies - a man begins to feel the supreme body, ie the soul. And if you do not violate the laws of nature, if not overcome by pride, then reached is maintained and after fasting.


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