Grounding of women or how to combine the "Book of Wisdom" AND REALITY

We all read books, attend workshops, talk to wise people ... In other words, we have the knowledge and learn to apply them in practice. And all would be good, but not always work to live as it is written in clever books. Why is this happening?

Today I propose to open the door to the world of real life. That is, learn how to create a state that helps to live this knowledge in practice and did not break away from the reality. And this point is directly related to this point, as our grounded. Grounded woman.

What is the ground and the earth energy of the woman? Having been engaged in the study of this subject, I came to some interesting conclusions. It is a good grounded woman gives the opportunity to create your life and disclose, to create the most space of love, about which so much has been said.

Go in the spiritual realm is very easy. Especially us women. Because, in any case, we can think less about how to feed their families, etc. That is, by nature, we need not be dobytchitsami. Although it is undeniable that there are women who run the family and provide it. But this is a topic for another conversation.

➖Itak care in the spiritual sphere often leads to the fact that a woman loses contact with earth energies. And, including men who are close, becoming smaller and smaller. As a result, even it is born the idea of ​​a dream of the perfect man, enlightened, teachers, etc.

Realizing this, I became even more understand the meaning of the words of Anatoly Nekrasov: Take every man, noticing everyone! Even not spiritual, it seems to us.

The woman is important to be grounded. For this purpose, including, we ignorant kitchen, house. That is to hate cleaning the house, and you can refer to this process as to what we have grounds, imbues the Earth's energy.

For the first time about the ground at the level of the physical body, I have heard from their manager on belly dance, which explained that, without this support point within yourself, without feeling the center (located in the area of ​​the uterus) is difficult to keep the balance.

«Keep balance» - this state is important not only in the dance. This balance of all: giving and receiving, the internal emotions of residence and expression, etc.

For women who are engaged in self-development, self looking at different schools is especially important to remember about the ground.

Take the classic example. The woman found herself among the enlightened friends. They understand it. Coming after such meetings, it will be home irritated earth energy: her husband on the couch (is-grounded as possible in the horizontal position), children namusorili - the house needs attention and so

I think that could be easier? The world pays attention to the space that surrounds us.

By the way, good grounded and gives financial well-being. In one of the periods when I was hampered in finance, I told one friend that I was walking, not rely on the whole foot, and barely touches the ground. I'm afraid to fall on your feet? What scares me so in the world? Maybe the fact that there REALLY need to live and to solve problems.

In his study, I went deeper. Communicating with different men, I observe, ask questions. And he received the answer: a man wants to see next earthly woman! Sex - is also present, on earth! It involved the body! Direct physical contact. And if you have problems with sex, think about it: Are you grounded? Or is somewhere between heaven and earth, afraid to touch the earthly man?

Another remarkable woman advised me to notice the number of houses, cars, that is, consider everything that is located at the level of my growth. That is not above the head. When you are walking down the street - do not fly away - neither in dreams nor in the sky

. Watch it at your feet and the next. After all, your legs may be a man. And you do not notice.

Another very important point: care in spirituality without love, without taking the entire earthly life leads to pride. A pride - a deep feeling that you are superior to others, and others are not worthy of you. It is also very important to recognize those who are looking for a pair.

A brief summary:

Ground - this is an important feature of female nature. Grounded, we learn to see life as it is. So love is not amorphous - the whole world and the people who are close, the space where we live. Earth woman loves the house, where he lives, and fills this space with love. She lives in the present!

The woman, torn from the earth, from earth-energy head in the clouds. She may dream of the perfect accommodation (male, occupation, etc.). And it does not take all that is happening around. That is, she lives in the future. In my dreams. A moment of it constantly eludes

-. The Earth woman - is a woman sexy, developed, welcome. She wants to touch, kiss, be coddled. These are not my words, and men

-. Ground gives love to his body, making his body The adoption sex

-.. Grounding helps keep your space on our toes. That is to fill it with energy, clear.

And, most importantly, feel that YOU - the owner of his world

-. The grounded woman has a state of self-value -. It is also a link with Rod. The ability to use generic energy for the good -. The grounded woman can create a happy family. And to maintain its space.
What helps to find grounded?

-. Belly dance

- The practice of yoga, such as "tree" and other asanas

. - Walk, focusing on the center three fingers below the navel. Center ground

- Though sometimes wear shoes without heels, skirts (especially long), walking barefoot on the ground

. - Walking on the street, noticing everything and to be on the level of your head

. - Notice of men! Different. Especially those who have "lower" - the homeless, drinking, etc.

- Do not turn away from the real problems: the money, the house, etc. It does not mean to solve them as a man, and see what they have. That is not to dismiss, not to run away. And to believe that the man who next - will be able to solve them

. - The Earth's energy in a woman - is the belief and support of man

. - All domestic affairs seen as a way of increasing their feminine energy

. © Tatiana Romanova


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