Sable - a real "island of bad luck"

For nearly five centuries, the island's name strikes fear into the hearts of sailors, and finally, he gained such notoriety that it became known as the "island of shipwrecks", "devourer of ships", "deadly sword", "island of ghosts", "cemetery thousands lost ships. " This is certainly not the Bermuda Triangle, but nevertheless one of the most famous anomalous zones of the globe.
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Sable is located 110 miles southeast of Halifax, near the continental shelf - just in the area where the warm Gulf Stream meets the cold Labrador Current.
Sable Island stretches like a giant tentacle to 24 miles from east to west. It is a mysterious, dark and mysterious place called the tomb of experienced sailors of the Atlantic.
The mystery of the mysterious Sable has long interested scientists. At the beginning of XX century, they found that the western tip of the island is constantly exposed to the strong sea currents. Therefore Windswept powerful wave monotone blows, does not stop even for a moment it is not known how many thousands of years, methodically eroding shore. But on the eastern tip of the island, everything happens exactly the opposite: there is like living tissue, constantly growing more and more sandy sediments, which, it would seem, logically, and the laws of physics simply have nowhere to take. But they are growing!

The most curious thing that as a result of these processes, the essence of which remains a mystery to scientists, the length of the "tomb of the Atlantic" for hundreds of years virtually unchanged! But the island itself, like the greedy giant protruding tongue or terrible sand slug, slowly but surely, as if having a predetermined clear goal, is constantly moving in an easterly direction. As we found out the researchers, over the past 200 years the island quietly "crawled" by restless expanse of ocean more than ten nautical miles! The average speed of advancement of the island is about 200 meters per year!
What surprised scientists? The fact that every island - is the pinnacle of the seamount. The very same mountain is on one of the giant tectonic plates, of which, as the pieces of the mosaic, is the whole of our planet. The speed of Sable interested professionals because it has to "drift" is not faster than the tectonic plate on which there is an island. And the average speed of their movement is measured by several millimeters (sometimes more) per year.

In addition, its height above sea level remains low and did not change - Sable is invisible from a distance walking past him with ships, especially when high waves. The mysterious and absolutely incomprehensible phenomenon of nature? But if nature, and if nature, then what?
All of this: the minimum height above sea level, a constant, very rapid movement, surprisingly treacherous sand shoals and reefs and even unspeakably vile weather: most of the days in a year is not without tedious, cold rains and donated by the Gulf Stream dense fog - is far a complete set of the "charm" piece of land, as if specially designed to cut off the Mariners.
It is understandable why the sailors immediately fall silent at the mention of his name, and why all the ports, seas and oceans of the Sable Island is grim glory. For centuries, mariners are trying not only did not mention it in conversation, but also circumvent the far side of the mysterious island. The truth, unfortunately, not all of this can be done.

Above the "tomb of the Atlantic" is almost all year reigns a terrible storm, and only just over one month - July, when the ocean as if by someone unknown, but strong team suddenly subsides and becomes tender, the island is accessible by boat landing. But only on the north side. However, those wishing to visit the Sable has always been very little. The biggest trouble that cunningly stashed Sable, patiently lying in wait the passing ships - a sharp reefs and shoals close to them. What is surprising is that only here they have a completely unique property to make the color of sea water and remain virtually invisible - the mysterious ability of mimicry, it is unusual for inanimate nature.

How many different ships found its inglorious end here, we can only guess. Both the "island of lost ships" carefully keeps a lot of hidden secrets. Under the multi-ton layer of sand is probably buried battle Drakkar Vikings, Spanish and Portuguese caravels and galleons, simple fishing boats, mnogopushechnye military frigates, high-speed graceful clipper, unsightly whaling ships, yachts etc.
Before the start of World War II, the newspaper and radio waves have spread worldwide sensation. That spring long raged unusually severe storms, and in the vicinity of Sable formed huge whirlpools of water, which, like a huge shrews or pumps, removed hundreds of tons of sand from the mysterious island. It was a large and very deep hole. It seemed as if the sea itself or the gods of the sea decided to slightly lift the impenetrable veil of secrecy enveloped tightly "island of shipwrecks." Send to Sable expedition found the remains of eight ships. And what is most surprising - under the wreckage of the schooner "Saint Louise 'experts with amazement found the skeleton of ancient Roman galleys! This is just some hundred miles off the coast of Canada ?!
While scientists fiercely debated how this could happen, suddenly burst into another terrible storm raged for several days. When it died down, place the tomb of the ships parted in the bowels of the island was hidden by mountains of dirty wet sand, ocean waves reclaimed.

Already in the late 70-ies of XX century, after a terrible storm of sand made by the nose of disappeared along with his entire crew and cargo in the XIX century the American ship. It is clearly seen and photographed with passing ships for several days. And then, as has happened, I ran a massive storm and soon caused sea waves sand again buried the ship in its thickness.

It has repeatedly landed scientific expeditions. However, the island was not so simple. "Tomb of the Atlantic" well knows how to keep its secrets. Once people have tried to conduct any work, and especially the "excavations" (this word inevitably have to be quoted), immediately dug pit filled with sea water. Where it was taken in the middle of the island - a mystery!

However, in the late XX century, some Western scholars have put forward anomalous phenomena quite bold and original hypothesis. According to them, Sable is nothing but as a living organism alien! It operates on a completely unknown and incomprehensible earth science laws. The fact that the basis of its life is silicon rather than carbon as with us. A silicon - a sand!

The main danger that lies in wait for ships from Sable - this quicksand shallows, a kind of "bog the ocean." Sailors and fishermen seriously say that they tend to take the color of ocean water. Quagmirran treacherous island literally absorb them got captured ships. It is known that find themselves in the shallows Sable ships with a displacement of five million tons, a length of 100-120 meters completely disappeared from his eyes for two or three months.

After each storm Sable neuznaemosti changes to the relief of its coastline. A hundred years ago, storms washed in the northern part of the canal Sable: inside the island formed a large harbor, which for many years served as a refuge to fishermen. But one day, the next heavy storm closed the entrance to the bay, and this trap forever remain two American schooners. Over time, the former harbor has turned into an internal fresh-salty body of water seven miles long. Now Wallace Lake is a landing area for seaplanes that deliver mail to the Island and products.



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