Madame Tussauds

Leonardo DiCaprio turned out pretty much like the original, but nevertheless it is clear that it is not real and artificial (true left, right - wax)

Jim Carrey (left real, right wax) turned positive, even dimples are the same as in the present

In the case of Lindsay Lohan, located on the right wax figure can hardly be mistaken for Lindsay, but - & gt;

- & Gt; If this is Lindsay Lohan, I ballerina))

Serena Williams embraces his wax figure, which in principle is quite similar to the original

Immediately ... or photo is not successful, or ...

Jessica Simpson (right wax, left true)

Well, right Jessica Simpson and denim shorts, as befits

Wax Prince Harry pays slightly yellowish

Wax Prince Harry and Prince William

Carrie Underwood (real right) turned commendable, is quite similar to the original

Penelope Cruz wax figure (right wax) get a certain good, looks like a photograph treated with the retouching

Johnny Depp wax as good a as real)

Johnny Depp wax in the form of Jack Sparrow definitely was a success

Halle Berry (left wax) I am personally not very impressed - the whole is like, but I was something lacking

Daniel Radcliffe (left wax) seems like))

Drew Barrymore turned out nice, but here I am embarrassed smile wax Drew - looks stretched

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine image (left wax) is undoubtedly an excellent exhibit, very realistic

Will Smith wax wins his smile, I did not believe that it is not real Will

Robert Pattinson wax similar to this (I have here only his lips somewhat confused), the fans can be happy crowd around the figure ...

Helen Mirren in a dress to the floor is made of wax, very realistic

This wax Julia Roberts looks like a young Julia

and this figure seems to me not very good, maybe just a bad angle ...

Morgan Freeman Wax hooked me personally - like a real

Wax Oprah Winfrey somehow I did not like)

Tupac Shakur I think successfully turned

Russell Brand wax is very realistic, and it seems that he now will make any movement

Shakira (right wax) is similar, but nothing enchanting

Figure P. Diddy for me was a shock - it turns out, Diddy is a white wax figure, and the present in a gray suit, but I could not at first distinguish)

Snoop Dogg (real left) direct copy, it is practically impossible to distinguish

Taylor Swift - failure of failures, as for me, as one of the most unfortunate Wax

Angelina Jolie (right real) a pretty good

Here wax Angelina looks less successful

In company with his stellar husband, who, as I understand it, the type depicted strongly tanned?



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