Christian Dior

A variety of beauty were an official of a variety of products from Christian Dior - someone was shot in the campaign of spirits, someone - cosmetics, someone advertised bags or clothing. In any case, photos of stars, made to draw attention to the brand, are noteworthy in and of themselves, because everything was done with exceptional taste.

Marion Cotillard

Lady Dior. French chic, languishing eyes and mystique, mystery ...

Charlize Theron - all in gold. More glamor, more gold!

Jude Law - brutal, sexy, with piercing eyes - that's it, man Dior

Karlie Kloss in a vintage campaign for Dior. Interesting paint.

Eva Green

I think I'm beginning to understand what unites all the celebrities who were offered a promotional contract with Dior: the ineffable mystery in her eyes.

Kate Moss

It recognized based on Dior, and did it beautifully!

Natalie Portman

Sweet, gentle, shamelessly blatant.

Monica Bellucci

Why not a woman Dior? A real seductress with chertinkoy in his eyes who want to enchant, poison his potion ...

And another amazing advertising campaign with model Lily Gee.

Sharon Stone

Unfortunately, her contract is finished, but she made history Dior bright head.


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