The Unknown Ocean. Walking with the Sea Unicorn

Why just not in the ocean depths. Sometimes one sees such creatures whose existence is not known by many. Marine unicorn (lat. Pyrostremma Spinosum), length greater than 20 meters was captured on camera by divers. Rare and truly amazing shots.

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The hollow, cylindrical translucent creature consists of thousands of small fish, which are called zooids. Individuals are interconnected special connective tissue, the size of each of the entities constituting the colony pirosomy, is only a few millimeters. The creature feeds on plankton, which is extracted from the water passes through itself.

Pirosomy close to the colonial ascidian, but unlike their cousins ​​that live on the surface of the water, they float freely and live in the open water, and not near the ground. That's why scientists so rarely find them.

Group of divers who decided to go for a swim off the coast of Tasmania, briefly managed to shoot a giant creature, is a long tube with a pointed end on one side and a hole on the other.

Each pirosoma regales plankton, and in the words of Rebecca's Helmet of the Deep Sea News, is a cross between the Borg from the TV series "Star Trek", and clones of the epic "Star Wars».

"They are huge and pretty scary in appearance. Some people visionary might think that they are rising from the ocean depths to swallow unsuspecting diver. But fortunately, it is not. Pirosoma - being very slow, to the same wall of her body is very thin, "- says Helmet.

Pirosoma so tender, that one of the divers even compared it with a feather boa.

Frames, which filmed the giant creature was made by Michael Baron of the dive center, located on a peninsula in the Tasman Tasmania, Australia. He says that this is one of the few areas in the world where you can find many rare inhabitants of the ocean off the coast.


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