Why is it so important to get yourself on a walk


Now, many people suffer from low mobility, even though only 15-20 minutes walk every day can cure all symptoms of the curse of modern times. Emotional recession, stagnation, lack of new ideas - a walk to help cure these troubles. But how to get himself out of the house, if not used to walk every day? Here are a few facts that will convince you to buy such a useful habit.

Walking - what could be easier? You just leave the house and you go aimlessly. Nevertheless, for many it is a difficult test. Even going out for a walk, many people prefer to sit somewhere in a cafe not far from the house, to sit there for two hours and then go home in a taxi. In general, everything is sad, but in the meantime a simple walk can give us so much ...

Cheerfulness and restart

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh say that walking on the green zones, for example in the park in the city or in the woods, if you live on the edge, relieve fatigue and unload the brain and stay in the sun removes the feeling of lethargy and increases productivity.

Remember, when you walked last. Is it possible to remain sluggish after a walk, of course, if you normally get enough sleep and not get sick? I, for example, after walking much easier to force yourself to deal with the necessary chores, be it sports, cleaning the house or something else.

With regard to the discharge: being in a closed room, you will not be distracted by extraneous stimuli and completely immersed in their own problems. Outdoors, especially in nature, you are surrounded by a variety of stimuli which do not allow you to dive into the depths of their problems.

From my own experience I can say that it works when all loaded their problems get out of the house (of course, with music in the player) and sent to wander around the city, themselves having great optimistic problem-solving, and came home in the perfect frame of mind <. br>
The concentration and willpower

As you know, our ability to concentrate and willpower - it's not unlimited resources, and they are almost exhausted by the end of the working day

. If every time you have a desire to check the account in social networks, or go to any entertainment site, you'll replace it with fun 15-minute walk, the feeling will be very different.

After the walk you will have more energy, thoughts will be clearer, and easier to concentrate on work after a break.

More creative energy

A study by Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and Santana Kim of the University of Michigan has proven that walking increases the capacity for creative thinking.

In general, we conducted five studies in which 400 students participated. In one experiment compared the ability to solve problems in different conditions:. Sitting in a confined space, walking along a predetermined path, and walking on the path of free without restrictions

In the latter case, students showed more flexibility and originality in solving problems that seemed to confirm a metaphor for the creative process "think big, push the envelope." In this case - for border areas and the assigned route

. More Nietzsche in his book «Ecce Homo, both become himself" wrote:

As little as possible to sit; not trust any thought that is not born in the air and the free movement of ... Sedentary life - I have already said once - is the true sin

. And yet, take a walk on a notepad and pen. Suddenly you will attack the inspiration and the urgent need to record fleeting ideas.

How to organize yourself walking

It may seem that a walk in the morning or evening, no time, but it's just an illusion. In the end, you need to find a total of 20 minutes.

Can "was done on" the proper time during the lunch break, for example, go to the cafe, which is located a little farther from your office than usual. In the morning you can walk far public transport or long-distance metro station.

During a morning walk, you can just let your thoughts float freely or to ask yourself before going out some purpose: to solve a problem, come up with a concept, outline a plan for the day. The same can be done during the evening promenade - just ask yourself a goal and let go of the thought

. Time and diversity

You can select any time for his walk. For example, some people prefer to walk closer to the night. Yes, they do not benefit from the sunlight, but such trips can have a calming effect: a minimum of people and cars, the coolness and tranquility of the night

. Some people prefer to walk immediately after the operation - to warm up after a day of office table and refresh the mind

. In general, if you are very much do not want to walk in your spare time, try to do it at another time of day. Perhaps this is the case.

Now about the route. Of course, it is better to choose natural areas: a walk in the woods or in the park, you remove stress and improve mood in general

. Even the effects of chronic stress easily eliminated under natural conditions: stabilize the pressure decreases muscle tension and decreases the amount of stress hormones

. But for people living far away from the parks and natural areas, there is one consolation - a level of creative energy is independent of the route

. Stanford University study found that to perform creative tasks far better to walk than to sit. The research results are more than impressive: while walking, creative thinking is improved by 60%

. While creativity is increased from the walk of the process, rather than from the contemplation of the beauties of nature. Maybe your stress will go down not as efficient as in the bosom of nature, but creativity in any case be at.

So, enough reasons to walk. It remains to try and describe my impressions.

Author Oia Zorina


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