Unrecognizable Russia

Russia has so many beautiful places, which sometimes is difficult to believe that some of them really are in our homeland. We offer a selection of 10 of these places that you must visit. Tibet?
This monastery is located in Buryatia, a hundred kilometers from Lake Baikal, not far from Ulan-Ude. Ivilginski temple built in 1945, is the center of Russian Buddhism, and here is the residence of the Russian Hambo Lama. As part of the datsan - the seven churches and the university, where the monks are trained to serve in other temples of Buryatia.

Vladivostok. Although he was very north of Istanbul, there is a bay called the Golden Horn. Cable-stayed bridge across it was built in 2012 for the APEC summit. Something similar in 1959 wanted to build Nikita Khrushchev to Vladivostok was better than San Francisco, but then the bridge was never built.

Mount Fuji?
Kronotsky Volcano is located in the eponymous national park in Kamchatka and strongly resembles Mount Fuji. Kronotsky National Park - one of the oldest natural reserves in Russia. There are many geysers and hot springs, the Valley of Geysers is one of the Seven Wonders of Russia. One of the largest geyser field in the world and only in Eurasia.

Stone Forest in China?
No, this is another UNESCO World Heritage Site - Lena Pillars. The rocks from which they are formed, began to be formed 540-560 million years ago. Wooded red sandstone pillars are reflected in the calm waters of the Lena River. In that way, and you can reach them - by boat from Yakutsk, here is formed by a natural park. In addition, there is an observation platform at a height of one hundred meters above the ground, to be able to see the beauty of Siberian nature.

Almost, but 6,500 km to the east. It's Altai Mountains, one of the most inaccessible places in Russia. They are sparsely populated, and there is the only city in the Altai Republic (also the administrative center) - Gorno-Altaisk, with a population of 60,000 people, the rest of the population lives in villages. The nearest railway station Biysk - 100 km. Locals say that the mythical Shambhala is somewhere here in the "Russian Tibet».

Halong Bay, Vietnam?
No, it's Avacha Bay Kamchatka. The second largest bay in the world, stretching 24 kilometers. Can accommodate the entire world fleet. From it overlooks the Vilyuchinsky, Avacha and Koryak volcanoes. At the entrance to the bay are rocks Three Brothers - a natural monument and symbol of the city Petropalovska Kamchatka and Avacha Bay. Bay - is the main gate for people and goods arriving in the peninsula and in the rocks around there are caves to which can be reached only by boat.

Sometimes St. Petersburg called Venice of the North. This is one of the largest ports in Russia, tourists and residents love for Peter drawbridges, the beautiful promenade and romantic white nights architecture and a large number of picturesque lanes and courtyards.

Easter Island?
Stone statues - a common occurrence for the islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, but not for the plateau deep in the taiga. Huge stone pillars on the plateau Manpupuner in the Komi Republic - a geological monument, included in the list of the Seven Wonders of Russia. Millions of years ago, there were high mountains, but the wind and rain gradually destroyed them. It is far from the inhabited places here can walk only prepared tourists on foot or by helicopter. In Mansi people to this place linked to many legends, past the stone idol worship.

German Village?
Nearly. City Zelenogradsk located on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the Kaliningrad region of Russia. As you know, earlier I had Kaliningrad Konigsberg, who in 1255 founded the Knights of the Teutonic Order. After the Second World War, the region became part of the Soviet Union, so here remained largely European culture.

Melbourne can not be confused with Vladivostok, but the Japan Sea coast can easily be mistaken for the Australian coast. Moneron Island in the Tatar Strait recalls the island from the series Lost. In Primorye, which is called the gateway to Asia, there are many rare animal species such as Siberian tigers.



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