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The tale of how, who had left power and get to the top and vladnyh levers, exploiting the common people !!!

Anarchy - social order, in which the state has ceased to exist. Utopia, fantasy, fiction desperate fanatics. It seems that life without the state today is impossible, but to refute this statement quite easily. On the map of Ukraine, there are places where life without the state has long been a reality.
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To find out what is anarchy, not necessarily read fantasy classics of anarchism. Enough to buy a bus ticket "snowy Donetsk." It does not have to pass the roadblocks - beyond the state you get by. While in some outskirts of the village, you notice a sudden anarchy. Just at some point you realize that you are surrounded around a completely different world, unrelated to familiar reality metropolis

In Donbas there are whole cities, only nominally related to the national territory of Ukraine. Neither the Constitution nor the laws are not in their real strength. Living such enclaves by the rules and the existence of the Ukrainian state are reminiscent of only money and blue passport. I think exaggerating? Then let us together make an excursion to the village of the North, on the outskirts of the city of snow. In the place where the official government deposed many years ago, and now rules the Makhnovist libertines.

North Village in the snow, as is usually the case with mining village began to die at the same time the local mines. Back in 2000, the mine was assigned to the North hopeless, and soon virtually ceased to mine coal. Currently production are only numerous Copanca, the owners of which belongs power in the village. The population here powerless, law enforcement officers ignored their duties, local authorities remained silent and pretend that nothing is happening. Coal dealers do not hesitate, grab land, rich deposits of coal, digging up local forests, destroying houses. I had the opportunity to visit many parts of Donbass, but such blatant dictatorship crime I've never met.

To come to the village and look at the mess invited local residents, who sent an e-mail. Residents streets Shushenskaya, Kemerovo, Novomoskovsk, Queen complained another Copanca which began to dig right next to their homes. So we got into this forgotten region.

Hardly in the Donbass there more desperate place than the North. Located between the towns of snow and Torez, Village North is a very uncomfortable place to live - there is almost no work, to travel to the neighboring city of shattered road hard and long. Accommodation in the village is not worth almost nothing, the population fell from 17 000 (early 90's) to 10 000 (2012). At the entrance stands a stele with the image of a polar bear. The bus stop is called "bear". "Stop at the" bear "," asking passengers "standard", and we go to the right, we stop.

North meets the abandoned houses, broken roads, mud and fog. On the roads are constantly romp heavy dump trucks with coal. The interval between them - a few minutes, then coal is mined intensively. Once it is clear that production of state-owned enterprises are not - they can not afford the expensive imported equipment.

Abandoned homes are many. Stints they start at the beginning of the village, and their number increases with depth.

The only thing that can still give this place - coal. It is obtained here from illegal "holes", and by recycling waste dumps. The old waste heaps are known to contain a large amount of coal that can be extracted relatively cheap way. In the North for such processing built near one of the heaps temporary enrichment plant. It belongs to the company Coal Energy SA and bears the name of Anthony and Theodosius of the Kiev Caves. For the village - this is a temporary glimmer in the darkness of the tunnel. When the waste heap will be completely redesigned and demolished - disassemble and installation will take place in another.

Temporary Works

The mine "North" is in silence. It is closed, but part of the property is leased by LLC "Vitro", which, according to local residents, the mine uses as a cover for the extraction of coal from the "holes." Banned at the entrance empty - all modern honorable miners villagers know and without it. Easily tell where whose Copanca.

The infrastructure of the mine has died along with the enterprise itself. The buildings still intact, apparently due to the tenant. Usually, after the elimination of all kinds of mines canteens and gyms torn down to the ground in a few years.

Looking at the miserable, crooked houses and barns along the way, I went over in my mind the myths about high standard of living of the Soviet miners, popular and still. One look at the surrounding buildings was enough to understand - luxury here never did things. All these jerry-built Khalabuda were originally cheesy. 20 or 40 years ago. Soviet favela changed little over the decades.

Official Soviet propaganda claimed that the slums are only in capitalist countries, such as Brazil or South Africa. In fact, under socialism, the slums have grown no less. From huts poor Africans and Brazilians Soviet huts differed only large capital - obliged climate.

Once settled on the streets, the people call on the counter. We speak to journalists. Around us immediately a crowd of people. They lead us in the street to show Copanca Shushenskaya, dug straight through the fence of residential estates. Copanca develops layers of the closed mine of the "North". Residents of the neighboring streets - former mine workers. They know that coal lies directly beneath their backyard. If it will produce, their homes destroyed by subsidence.

Earlier on site Copanca located building, owned by the mine "North", but recently its ruins, according to local residents, took Rafik bandit known as the owner of kopanok and "acceptances" - illegal settlements buying scrap metal. Around the ruins immediately a tall metal fence, to the place of production have brought the power line, indicating that the agreement with the city mains.

For a while we walk around the fence and look inside, but no one outside the fence.

 - At first, we wanted to reach an agreement - said one of the women living in the neighborhood - when the bandits arrived, I went to him and said, 'Boys, you are not allowed to dig here. " Then one of them said to me: "Woman, you are not tired of living? And that night we mix two bottles bombanem - and ok! ". Well here I am, of course, the mouth is closed.

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The story of a local woman in the video:

Residents have long complained to all authorities. And in the city, and village council know their situation is not the first month, but no response is still no. The head of the village of North Victoria Shutov people confirmed that a fenced plot of land anyone in the village of rent did not commit, and hence the land illegally seized. Here are just a fence for some reason no one is in no hurry to take down, law enforcement officers did not seem to notice the arbitrariness and even grid delivers electricity raiders.

Local authorities and law enforcement knocked responsibility to each other. About Copanca knows prosecutors, the SBU, the police, city council, the mayor of Snow Doronin has. The latter even going to a meeting about the "holes" Rafiq. But there is no reaction. There is a total collapse of all branches of government. It remains the hope of the locals only "fourth power" - the press and publicity.

Right next to Copanca Rafiq - one on the edge of the fantastic forest. Together with the residents of the village go right back to turn on your camcorder. On Copanca caught working. All the questions he refused to answer, and hides her face. The conversation with him, I fixed on video. This episode - excerpt from a documentary about the village, which I will soon lay out a network.

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The tragedy lies in the fact that the forest is not a snowy, and to the neighboring Torez, but developing its owners under the snow layers. Snow authorities send people to complain in Torez in Torez nod to Snow, law enforcement officers are inactive, although in any case, must respond to the offense.

These holes pitted Gluhovskij entire forest. Thousands of tons of coal accounted never have received the Donetsk criminals, law enforcement officers and government officials. The budget of this activity is not received a penny. So Donbass "feeds" the Ukraine.

As mentioned above, no state is not here, there is the self-proclaimed republic of bandits, or the fact that the Ukrainian press is sometimes referred to by the word "pahanat."

Northern Residents fear that if local authorities do not stop the coal mafia, soon their streets will turn into the same wasteland for Rafiq Copanca and other similar dealers. However, the expression "local authority" has long been in the snow mocking character, because if someone belongs power in the area, it is certainly not an official elected representatives and law enforcement agencies, citizens living on taxes.

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push! the essence of the event is simple corny !!! besides kopanok, sweatshops, people in the gardens of the pit-type well and if in northern Ukraine cars go from village to village and buy potatoes in sacks, here are buying population Coal vykopany on their own garden (layer sometimes takes place at a depth of 5 meters), buy for pennies , brought to the state-owned mines and sold tridorogoa. and she Reports to (sells) government more expensive, they say that here we have extracted in the mountain otsypte babosov us, in all respects and consider depreciation of equipment, etc. and all tied tp.Takim way. everybody knows and no one can do nothing but huts tumbled into ravines !!! There is no truth in the Donetsk region !!!




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