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Dubai gold market or bazaar is also called the old gold market in Dubai, one of the oldest markets in Dubai and is probably the oldest gold market in the Emirate of Dubai. Located in the heart of Deira. This is one of the best places in the world to buy gold jewelry. In local shops, stores and pavilions showcases a myriad of jewelry - the work of local artists and jewelers from other parts of the country. Due to the low taxes, the price of gold here almost the most profitable in the world. If you are invited to a gypsy wedding, here you are sure to find a great gift, but a man with good taste would be difficult here.

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01. The market has 3 inputs and in terms of the letter T. is on the market constantly loitering people: tourists, Arab girls and women of different ages, Pakistanis, Indians and the other an ordinary public Emirati public places. To summer visitors were not very hot, fans hung on poles.




05. In the Emirates carat system uses the measurement of the amount of product in the precious metal and other metals (ligatures). If the metric system pure gold - an alloy containing 99, 9% of the gold, the carat - 24 carat. As the number of samples in the denomination in the metric system, karat gold shows how much pure gold is contained in the alloy jewelry.

06. For 18 karat gold says that the alloy contains 18 parts decoration (carats) and 6 parts of gold ligatures. Ie in such a gold alloy - 75% of the gold, and it is consistent with our 750 gold. The higher the carat, the more expensive and golden yellow, respectively.

07. Gold is mined in the Emirates are not, and only re-sell, but prices are still among the lowest in the world.

08. Countless gold stores offer 18-karat gold yellow, white and pink gold 21 and 22 carat, pure 24-karat gold. As well as numerous Collections gold products with Brilliant, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones. UAE - one of the largest exporters of gold. There have been cases when the price of gold in Dubai fell below the price on the London Stock Exchange!

09. showcases just overwhelmed with gold trinkets for every taste ... but no, good taste there is almost nothing.


11. Light and elegant necklace!



14. Only here you can buy a great gold belt that will warm you cold Russian winter.

15. Modest chains, earrings and bracelets.



18. An excellent example of oriental design.





23. Gold is a very heavy metal: the density of pure gold is 19621kg / m³. Some products for the appearance of their vastness hide thin walls (petals), fine links of the chain. Very often massive and looking at the kind of heavy trinkets made of hollow or "blown" gold. Like necklaces or bracelets look great (what and calculated to throw dust in the eyes of others), but because of hollowness in reality very easy, easier than expected.

24. Bracelets can buy just on weight, they cost the price of gold on the exchange.




28. estvestvenno that something had to be the most-most. On the market in one of the shops worth the heaviest gold ring. This ring is made of 21 carat gold weighing 58 kg 686 grams, and decorated with 5, 17 kg of precious stones. The total weight of the ring so that 63 kg 856 grams.



31. How do I buy? Virtually all products no price tag if the price tag is, overvalued or even a ridiculous sum (psychology jewelry sales in a foreign country for visitors). Local aware of this and are traded, visitors or retire without asking this amount, or timidly asked the real price. Merchants can call the same amount or a little lower, which is also a reason for fleeing the buyer. In the Emirates, the price of the product is not fixed, if the product is gold without stones (or with small stones, where their weight is not too much influence on the price of the product), its price is made up of its weight. Price per gram changed every day, and usually, the same for all the shops. Sold by a potential buyer takes liked thing, puts it on the special electronic scales, weight and makes learns some complicated calculations on a calculator (that complex, several actions multiplication / division / subtraction and addition) and issue the final amount.

32. Can I trade? Need! Literally to the last drop of blood patience. The price of some products to bring down the very real, although it is believed that the amount of the discount depends on the high cost of the product, as laid more expensive yuvelirku margin. And the more expensive jewelry the more you can throw. In some cases, the reduction was 35%. Terms of trade - after the price named should always follow the question: «last price?», The price decreases. Bluff, saying that in some shops there are cheaper and go there, get out and after some time back, joking with the seller, choose something else, show your interest in the product, gaze into the eyes of a merchant, ask provocative questions: Is this gold? are diamonds? ". Haggle, in this sense Bazaar (this deprived some stores with fixed price in Dubai malls), but do all without aggression, with a laugh and a smile, joke and communicate with the seller on the abstract themes - likable. Benevolent than the buyer, the more serious intent to buy the kind and price falls rapidly.



35. Among the most Indian and Islamic buyers are very common citizens of developed countries in Africa, especially Nigeria (although there are many very black from different parts of the world, not only in Africa), are very fond of black gold and the more links in the chain and the chain itself is absurd better.

36. White buyers, too, are from all edges of the world. Often come in the pursuit of cheap jewelry, although picky for quality performance of the product or the customer need to know the proven places where you need to buy, or find a suitable dealer. In the Emirates, a lot of handicraft (in our sense) products made carelessly or negligently, with curved petals sticking or burrs. Some products - copies of local jewelers jewelry well-known brands such as Tiffany, Cartier and others.





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